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Wrap with Style- The Quick-Fix!

August 22, 2012


Who says you hafta spend hours on a decent-looking do? With about a yard and half of fabric & a couple bobby pins, transform that fro into a work of art with a dressed-up pompadour poof. Hair not long enough to roll into a pompadour? That’s just fine… all ya gotta do is pick & shape the front section of that fro or play around with that old twist-out and get to wrappin’! When all else fails, ADD some hair! 0_0 I do! 😉

This is a cool, fashionable & quick summertime (or ANYtime!) fix for days when that do just don’t or when you’re so pressed for time, you can’t even think about what to do with that hair! Headwraps are definitely life savers.

…I can hear you running to the fabric store now. LOL! G’on girl!

xoxo ~Toia

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