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Teal and Gray Chevron Nursery Progress

March 21, 2016

Teal and Gray Chevron Nursery Progress

Welp, I certainly didn’t think I’d be making progress with Micah’s room this quickly but a trip to Target changed all that (heehee) so Project Teal and Gray Chevron Nursery is well underway! Here are some of the things I picked up and what I’ve done so far…

I actually only ran to Target to pick up something for the hubster while I was in the area meeting with a friend. But-err-uhh… I physically cannot go to Target without venturing into the home section. It’s virtually impossible. (Help me!)

To be fair, I did want to check out their selection of cube storage anyways. 😉 I decided on this 6 cube organizer for Micah’s room and noticed these woven plastic bins nearby. Wooooot! There was only one teal bin left. Grabbed that and a gray one. I’d find a second teal bin at another location the next day which I think will work out great- 2 teal, 1 gray. Can’t wait to put it all together!

teal and gray chevron nursery Baskets

After Targé, I wandered over to Marshall’s just to see what they had to say for themselves. Picked up these cute small light gray bins (which coordinate with the ones I already have) to house Micah’s socks and shoes.

And Micah approves…

teal and gray chevron nursery Micah-1teal and gray nursery Micah-2Bteal and gray Baby Room Micah-3And now I finally get a chance to build a creative frame/photo gallery! To the left is a monogrammed blanket (at least I think that’s what it was supposed to be) gifted to us by one of my old managers. You all saw the teal frame last week. The set of three photos were part of the package- yep, frame and all- that we purchased with Micah’s newborn “photo shoot” at the hospital. Two more frames will go above it to complete the gallery.

teal and gray Baby Room Photo Gallery

The rug! *grin* It took UHHH LOT of web surfing but I finally found the perfect combo of decent reviews AND not costing rent money in this area rug! It’s nice and soft and provides a good padding for when Micah wants to play… and I didn’t even get a rug pad! I’m happy with the quality.

teal and gray Baby Room Chevron Rug

Last but not least, remember that gold “M” I got from Home Goods that I was gonna give a make over? Well, a few friends who saw last week’s post thought painting it silver would be best. I agree. While browsing the arts and crafts aisle at Target, I found a really good selection of paint. Got a pretty teal-like color called “Deep Sea” along with a metallic silver for my “M”.

teal and gray Baby Room Paint

In the same aisle were these wooden craft letters. Yeah… I pretty much made out like a bandit that day! The “Deep Sea” paint will be used on these and I think I know the perfect spot to place ’em when I’m done! So much for that trip to Michael’s I was gonna take! Who woulda thought I’d find all this in one place?!

teal and gray Baby Room wood letters

Things are really coming together on this nursery decor, right? I’m so excited to continue working on it! The next post I write about Micah’s room will be when it’s all done. At the rate I’m going, seems like that’ll be sooner than later!

Stay tuned!

Where do YOU go to find the best deals on your home decor and craftsy stuff? Target, Home Goods and Michael’s are my faves. How about you?! Let’s chat below!


Toia B.

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