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Simple Frohawk on Natural Hair in 4 Easy Steps!

September 3, 2015


Last Tuesday was my eighth wedding anniversary and I needed to do something quick, easy and cute with this hair. Being so busy with the baby, I there was no time to do what I initially had planned. But after watching that dope hairstyle video from BuzzFeed, I was inspired to rock a simple frohawk!

This particular technique is perfect if you have medium-length hair with lots of shrinkage. Here’s how to recreate my super easy anniversary look:


To start, my hair was in a shrunken, super old ‘twist & curl’ and already well moisturized…

1. create 3 sections by parting your hair in a U-shape at the crown & horizontally in the middle
2. slick edges of back & middle sections w/ gel {I use EcoStyler} or edge control of choice
3. brush the sides up to create 2 puffs w/ the back & middle sections using ponytail holders (leave the front section out)
4. fluff & blend each section together


This isn’t necessary but starting on hair that is somewhat stretched and detangled might make it easier to part and style. It can also give you some height if your hair is not very long just yet.

If your hair is shorter (the front of my hair, when stretched, reaches my chin) just divide your hair into four smaller sections- a bang with three puffs. If your hair is longer, put all three sections into puffs/ponytails (as in the BuzzFeed video :56 mark) to create the look.

Moisturize your hair prior to applying gel. Although I use EcoStyler gel which is alcohol-free and less drying, I still like to be on the safe side and make sure my hair is extra protected.

Don’t pull your hair too tight when forming your puffs. This isn’t just to save you from having a headache later but mainly to save your edges!

Have you ever tried this technique to create a simple frohawk look? What’s your go-to quick and simple hair style?

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