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Naturalicious 1 Hour Wash Day Challenge | VIDEO

February 27, 2015


To help Loux celebrate this amazing brand, I took the Naturalicious 1 Hour Wash Day Challenge! With the OooLaLocks Hair Box, I went from wash to ready-to-style in less than an hour… about 30 minutes, to be exact!

What’s Involved?

The OooLaLocks Hair Box includes four products for a complete cleansing, conditioning and styling solution. I was going for a blow out so I only used the first three steps of the four.

I began with the Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment which cleanses, conditions, detangles, deep conditions and acts as a leave-in all in one step! Amazing, huh? I talk all about the particulars in this review. Thanks to this product, I don’t have to spend forever in the shower and wash day doesn’t have to take ALL day. After using the Clay Treatment, I can go straight to moisturizing and styling.

To prep for my blow out, I followed up with the Moisture Infusion Styling Crème and the Divine Shine Moisture Lock & Frizz Fighter. The Crème- made to act as a moisturizer, styling creme and heat protectant- is really smooth, not too thick and a little goes a long way. Ingredients include Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E… love that!

The Frizz Fighter is an oil which is used to lock in the moisture or seal the hair and Ooo! Does it smell amazing! Sweet like candy. It’s not super thick but just right for creating the barrier I need when using my blow dryer. With sweet almond, sunflower and olive oils, it’s a great blend to use prior to heat styling.

At night, I simply twisted my hair in the same sections I started with to preserve the blow out. Here’s my hair the next day:

Naturalicous-1-Hour-Wash-Day-Blow-OutWatch the video below to see how it all went down. Grab YOUR OooLaLocks Hair Box here and take the Naturalicious 1 Hour Wash Day Challenge for yourself!

Have you already taken the Naturalicious 1 Hour Wash Day Challenge? Have you used Naturalicious products? What do think?! Let me know below!


Toia B.

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