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My Style: Braid-out on a Blow-out

January 23, 2014

My go-to for super big hair, guaranteed to give me bounce and volume all in one style is the dual method braid-out on a blow-out. Woooop!

The Process

Starting with freshly washed hair which was divided into about eight sections, I applied my favorite leave-in conditioner, Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia. I then added a little more than a quarter-size amount of grapeseed oil to each section just before grabbing the blow dryer. No need to slather a ton of oil onto your hair. This not only seals in the moisture but also acts as a heat protectant.

I divide each section in half to make the job a little easier and to keep from over-drying by applying heat for too long. The smaller sections will usually be dry after only a few passes. My goal is just to dry and stretch the hair, not make it bone straight. I always set my dryer on medium heat (NEVER high!) and usually use a comb attachment similar to this one. Once I’m done with each of the main sections, I braid it and move on to the next.

The Reveal

Four days later, I finally took out the braids…


Here, all I did was take the braids down. I didn’t go out like this! LOL

Then I separated…

PhotoGrid_1389483783614I shook and blended it a bit with my fingers. As the night went on, it got a bigger, which I love!


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At bedtime, I loosely twisted my hair in the same sections I started with and covered with my satin bonnet. The next day, here’s what I got…


This is after a few hours of having it out

It’s so FLUFFYYYYY! :-)

This is by far one of my most fun styles and so simple! Once the hair is in this stretched state, I can transition to an updo or a roll ‘n’ tuck style with ease in case of a threat of inclement weather or just because.

This is one of my go-to styles… what’s yours? Do you ever do blow-outs? Share below!

Talk to you soon beautifuls!


Toia B.

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