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Natural Fashionista: Adanna

March 30, 2015

Raising two kids can be challenging. Doing so without losing your style sense… now that’s a feat! But, somehow, our March Natural Fashionista seems to pull it off seamlessly! Let’s meet her…


Hi, my name is Adanna and I am the creator and editor of Rattles and Heels, a parenting blog aimed at inspiring moms to look amazing while raising great kids. I’m a Caribbean girl, born and raised on the gorgeous island of Grenada. I chose to move to New York City for college and I love the energy of the city so much that I never left. My husband, Mr. Rattles and I live with our two children known as The Princess Fairy and The Super Knight and I love sharing our journey on our blog.

Have you always worn you hair in its natural state? If not, how long have you been doing so and what made you take that step?

I couldn’t wait to relax my hair as a preteen. My mom finally gave in when I was 11 and I continued to relax it for over a decade. When I moved to New York for college, I started to evolve and I started to experiment with my natural hair by stretching perms with roller sets and braid outs. Then my cousin introduced me to Dominican salons and I would relax my hair only in the summer and wear blow outs for the rest of the year. I even went as long as one year. I really wanted to go natural but I always got frustrated when summer came around trying to manage the two different textures and went back to relaxer.

The turning point came during my pregnancy with my daughter. The minute that I found out that I was having a girl, something clicked inside of me. I needed to go natural for her. I wanted her to completely love herself as she is. So I took the plunge one Friday. I watched YouTube videos all day and I called my husband and told him and he was like, “Why are you scared? Just do it!” I went Into the bathroom pulled out the scissors and cut it all off.


What do you love most about having naturally textured hair? Have there been any challenges along the way?

I love the versatility of natural hair. I’m a free spirit and creative being. Natural hair gives me the freedom to be as free as I want to be and express myself the way I feel. I can wear my hair in an Afro, straight, curly and manipulate the size of curls or the length of my hair.

The beginning period was tough as I learned about my hair, what products and styles worked and styling my hair in the cold weather. I was also dealing with having short hair for the first time and there were days when I felt overwhelmed by not having the ability to rescue a bad hair day with a pony tail.

How have you been able to juggle your hair care routine with being a mom of two?

I try to be smart with my time. I deep condition overnight. I try to stick to styles that I know work well for my hair. The wash and go has been a time saver for me because it lasts all week with me just refreshing it daily. It’s my favorite style and I’ve seen my hair thrive because it doesn’t require manipulation or cause wear and tear. It’s also a style that I always get right and I don’t have to worry about it not working out. In the winter, I do chunky braid-outs because I don’t have time to re-braid too many braids and I blow out my hair.


Do you do anything in particular to help your little girl grow to love her natural hair texture?

My goal in going natural was to be a role model to my daughter. I wanted her to know that her hair is beautiful. I can tell her that her hair is beautiful all day but if she doesn’t see me embracing my hair texture, she wouldn’t embrace hers. I try not to wear my hair straight for important events because I don’t want her to think that natural hair isn’t good enough. Besides that I make it a point to share beautiful images of natural women and girls with her. I’ll show her photos of women like Lupita Nyong’o and other natural women on Tumblr. Plus, we have a home library with children books with characters who look like her.

Many feel that returning to natural has changed their style. Do you find this to be true in your case or have you been pretty consistent?

I think my style is consistent but since my hair is such a statement piece I’ve reduced the amount of accessories that I wear.



How would you describe your personal style? Who or what inspires you?

I’m not sure there is a classification for my style. I really dress based on my feelings. I have certain staple pieces that I can’t live without and I stick to them because they make me feel great and fit my body well.

I’m inspired by Brooklyn! I no longer live in Brooklyn but the spirit and style of Brooklyn is forever with me. I love the boldness, individuality and confidence.

Staying cute while raising a family can get costly. Fill us in on how you make it work.

I buy classic pieces. I choose wisely and go for quality and fit over quantity and being on trend. Every season, I look at what I have in my closet, determine my needs based on my lifestyle and build my wardrobe based on that. I have my staples and then I mix them with statement pieces. Also, taking good care of my clothes is very important to me as I love shopping my closet. It forces me to be creative.

What’s one piece in your closet you just couldn’t live without?

My chambray shirt. It goes with everything, works during every season and is my mommy uniform shirt. I just toss on with a statement necklace and I’m ready.


What advice would you give those who are newly natural and moms who are trying to stay stylish?

Be yourself and be practical. Think about the outfits you’ve worn that made you feel like super woman and wear variations. Don’t try to recreate someone else’s style. Style comes from deep within your soul and it’s your story. You can’t tell someone else’s story. You have to tell yours.

Keep your hair healthy and find a go-to style that doesn’t require long prep times or restyling. Invest in satin pillow cases and scarves to preserve styles.

Many thanks to Adanna for sharing with us!

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