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Looks We Love: Bold Color!!

May 14, 2013

Spring is here and the temps are getting warmer (ummm, sort of) which often has us ladies itching for some color! From shades of red to honey blonde tints to some “unconventional” hues, these fab naturalistas might have you running to your nearest colorist or reaching for a box of Textures & Tones. Even if you’re a color-free natural, you’ve gotta admit, these chicks are pretty fierce! Check ’em out…



Rachel O | via Essence.com




Want color but scared of damage or would just rather not mess with your own hair? Girl, slap a weave or some extensions up in there! You get all the benefits of color without the risk and a protective style to boot!

Cadian: www.thelonenatural.wordpress.com | Photo: Essence.com

Cadian: www.thelonenatural.wordpress.com | Photo: Essence.com | Urban Twists by The Damn Salon


via artbecomesyou.com

via artbecomesyou.com

Lovely RED locs!

Lovely RED locs!


via Essence.com

BAM!!!!!!! | blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

BAM!!!!!!! | blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com

Danielle | dfinneyphoto.com

Danielle | dfinneyphoto.com

Kelis always slays! | www.woohair.com

Kelis always slays! | www.woohair.com



colouredbeautiful.com | Manic Panic Ultra Violet + Purple Haze

"I'm BLUE, da-ba-dee da-ba-dye" ^_^ |  http://colorfulcuties.tumblr.com/

“I’m BLUE, da-ba-dee da-ba-dye” ^_^ | www. colorfulcuties.tumblr.com

Elaine Welteroth | Essence.com

A little green ombre action? Why not!
Elaine Welteroth | via Essence.com

via hairscapades.com

Teyana Taylor with some more ombre for ya! | via hairscapades.com

aaaannd MORE ombre! | lovemyblack.com

aaaannd MORE ombre! | lovemyblack.com

Whew! Okay, I’m having way too much fun with this so let’s wrap it up! :-) I haven’t colored my hair since 2011 and whether or not I wanna do so this season remains to be seen. But, of course, I’ll fill you in when I make up my ever-changing mind.

If you’re in the NY area and REALLY love color, check out this event presented by Party Over Hair with celeb stylist Janel Sealy Smith at Cocoa Mane Salon in Brooklyn.



So… are you considering some color to spice up your do during the warmer months? A spicy red? Blonde highlights? ORANGE?! O_O LOL! Tell me below!

Until next time naturalistas…



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