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Khaki Blazer + Pastel Striped Skirt | Summer to Fall Fashion

September 29, 2016

Fall has been around for all of a week and already, I’ve seen folks walking around with full-on cold weather wear. Hmph! Well, while I enjoy fall fashion as much as the next person but I don’t put my summer pieces away that easily!
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It’s good to keep a coordinating scarf handy. When the chill hits during the evening commute, throw it on! Cozy and cute!khaki-blazer-pastel-striped-skirt-summer-to-fall-12khaki-blazer-pastel-striped-skirt-summer-to-fall-7

Blazer – NY & co. (similar) | Crop Top – Unknown (similar) Skirt – thrifted (similar style) | Boots – Wild Pair (close match here) | Necklace – Accessory Addix (similar by GUESS)  | Purse – Just Fab | Scarf – H&M (similar)

My “everything purse” has seen better days (I know you peeped the folds and the wear on the handles and corners) but I think it’s held up pretty well considering it’s three years old and goes with EVERYTHING. So, naturally, I wore it with… EVERYTHING! I “can’t stop, won’t stop” wearing it. #JudgeMe. These booties, on the other hand, are still kickin’ since about the early 2000s. I mean, when was the last time you saw a pointed toe like this? It may not be “on trend” in 2016 but guess what? I don’t care! *cheese grin*

So there you have it. This, in a nutshell, is how I transition my warm weather stuff into the cooler months. As long as there are boots — I’ll transition to riding boots as it get cooler — and jackets/coats, I’ll rock my summer skirts clear through fall and sometimes, right on into the winter! Sure, I may be holding onto summer for longer than I should (cuz summer is my boo!) but this also helps to expand and pretty much double my fall wardrobe! Mmhhmm… I just got ya thinkin’, didn’t I?! 😉

Let’s chat!

Do you jump right into “all fall everything” as soon as it gets cooler or do you also transition your summer clothes and hold on til the wheels fall off?

Oh, you may have noticed the hint of color in my hair, especially in this post *snicker*. Details on that coming soon!


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