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Healthy Hair & Beauty Affair II | Video

March 9, 2016

Healthy Hair & Beauty Affair II Main

The Healthy Hair & Beauty Affair II was my second ToBNatural event and I’m so excited to share this footage with you! Mane Moves TV was there to capture some highlights and interviews with attendees and special guests. They did an amazing job!



In case you missed my event recap and some of the beautiful photos, click here to check it out. But there’s nothing like video to give you a sense of the energy in the place so go ahead and tap on that >>play<< button!

I learned so much putting this large event together (which I should probably share in a future post) and I was so humbled by all of the great feedback. Watching this got me itching to organize another one. HA! But whether or not I’ll host a third Healthy Hair & Beauty Affair is still up in the air. Given the success of the second installment, expectations are high… ooooh, the pressure! LOL! We’ll see.

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Buuuut if I DID host another…

what features would you want see there? A vlogger or blogger panel… or maybe a panel of hair care professionals? How about a mixture of folks from the natural hair community?!

Are you into the larger events or the smaller, intimate meetups? These events are for YOU so share your thoughts and suggestions below!


Toia B.

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