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Hair Tip Tuesday | Head Wrapping for Dummies

January 27, 2015


Whether you plan a head wrap as part of your outfit or you snatch one up in an attempt to right a hairdo gone wrong, they’re a great way to protect your hair while still looking fierce! These days we’re grabbing everything from bright and bold Ankara print fabric to simple solids and donning fancy headdresses on just about any occasion.

For those who are head wrap challenged, I thought I’d share a few helpful tutorials. Watch, learn and practice… it makes perfect (or close enough LOL!).

The first one is a revamp from my girl Danni. Not at all shy about wearing bold colors, she can be seen in some of the flyest printed scarves and wraps on her Instagram page.

Next up: The Wrap Life. With gorgeous handmade prints to suit just about any taste, this Brooklyn-based shop has been a huge wrap go-to for women around the world over the past year. I love that they don’t just sell the wraps and hope you figure something out but they go the extra step and give you some ideas. Here’s my fave:

Danni also has some ideas on how to wear The Wrap Life wraps here!

If you wanna dress up a topknot, braids or twists, you might find this video from Chescalocs to your liking! Pay close attention to the end where she fills you in on the “secret” to finding scarves for wrapping.

Using pieces from The Wrap Life, Cali beauty Jessica Pettway shows us five simple ways to rock a head wrap. They surely add to her already dope style! Check it out:

I’ve got a tutorial too… heehee. It’s super old but this is still my favorite way to wrap!

Did you find these tutorials helpful? I sure hope so. Let me know if you’ve tried any and how they turned out. But, remember the old adage: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


Toia B.

*feature images: Jessica Pettway, YouTube | TheWrap.Life | DFinneyPhoto

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