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Bob Bulk Twists & Inspired Updo!

November 19, 2012

Woo! It’s been a minute huh?! The passed month or so has been crazy busy so blog posts have been few and far between recently. *sad face* But I hope you lovelies have been able to keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 😉

So, about a month ago, I put in some twists using this new hair I saw at my local beauty supply store called Bob Bulk by Janet Collection. Although it was priced at about $1 more per pack than the Afro Marley Braid I’ve used for my Kinky Twists and other updo styles, I thought I would try it. To me, the hair has a texture that falls somewhere between regular Kanekalon braiding hair (normally used for Senegalese Twists) and Marley hair and has a look of locs.

Like Marley braiding hair, the Bob Bulk hair is already separated into pre-sectioned pieces for easy use. With five packs on hand, I started off using two pieces per twist. Aaaannnd I ran out of hair! (-_-) Whomp whomp. Got two more packs. I realized that since my hair is rather thick, one piece per twist should work. So for the middle of my head, I worked with just that. The results? Hmph, I was quite satisfied.

My fave style of all, especially when rockin’ twist extensions, is a big gigantic ninja bun. But after three weeks of that, I decided I needed to jazz it up already. Enter Chanel Boateng on YouTube! I came across this video one night and decided to try my hand at something similar to two of the featured styles. And here it is…

I don’t have a tutorial recorded yet so click here to see how I did it! The style turned many heads for the week that I had it in and I was amazed at all the compliments. Of course, the pompadour-ishness of the do had me being compared to Miss Janelle Monae a couple times. ^_^ This is definitely a style I will do over and over again. It was chic yet simple and easy to achieve. Much love to Chanel Boateng! <3 Thanks for the inspiration girl!!

How do you style your twists or braids? What YouTubers do you look to for inspiration?

Until next time beautiful people.



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