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4 Ways to Be the Supportive Wife of a Football Fan

October 7, 2016
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There’s a chill in the air, the kids have started school and there’s no question as to where you’ll find your husband parked on a Sunday afternoon. Yup, it’s football season! But if you’re not as into the game as your boo, there’s no need to feel left out.

Here are a few ways you can support the hubby and feel like a part of the fun!

1. Leave All Commentary, Questions & Convos for Later

In an effort to be supportive and show an interest, you might sit and watch a game together. You may will be tempted to ask what certain terms mean or offer random comments about what’s happening on the screen. Now is not the time!

The same way you’d rather your man or anyone not say a peep during your favorite reality show or drama series, I guarantee, as much as he loves you, all he wants to hear are the sounds of grown men running into one another at full speed. Pull out your smartphone and quickly Google the terms you don’t know or wait until the commercials for comments. Even then, be brief. This is certainly not the time for any real deep, life-changing conversations.

He’ll appreciate the consideration!

2. Brush Up on the Basics of the Game

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You may be successful at letting the hubby enjoy the game in relative silence but you still need answers! What’s a “pick”? Why are they “rushing”? “Sacked”?! What’s that?!

Why not take a little time to view some football footage without hubby and learn some of the terminology you keep hearing. To help you out, I’ve created a fun little printable with some common and not-so-common football terms so you snuggle up and show off all your newfangled learnin’ once the game starts!


3. If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em… Join ‘Em!


You knew he was like this when you dated… no use trying to fight it! My husband let me know early on that once the season hits, Sunday = Football. And also that Monday is Sunday and so is Thursday (LOL!) so there are no surprises.

If you really have no desire to get into the game, doing something as simple as getting matching jerseys and wearing them on game day is not only cute but it tells your beaux that you’re trying to be at least a little involved in something he enjoys.

A “GO TEAM!” Facebook status here and there in support his favorite can’t hurt! It’ll definitely win you some cool points that you can save up to sneak in a request for a date night to your favorite restaurant. 😉

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4. Throw a Football Party!

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To be a supportive wife of a football fan, you’ve gotta compromise. And, really, what’s a better compromise than a party?!

Find out when his favorite team is playing (again, Google is your friend!) and ask if he’d like to invite his boys— and their wives if they’ve got ’em— over to watch the game. He WILL say yes! Even if you’re not into the game, the excitement, the friends and the snackage will more than make up for your lack of football knowledge or interest. Trust me, the fun is EPIC!

Including goodies you both enjoy definitely add to the good times. I may not know a half back from a hatchback but one thing I DO know we agree on is SNICKERS® as one of our favorite grab and go snacks! Of course, game day is no different!

We picked up some SNICKERS® bars and SNICKERS® Crisper bars at our local CVS to complete our game day “buffet”.

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Use this CVS digital coupon to stock up on SNICKERS® for your football festivities or just because!

Hopefully, these tips will help you feel more a part of the game and feel closer to your football-lovin’ man. Want more ideas? Click here to learn more ways you can #ScoreAtCVS and make it your one stop shop for game day fun!

Are you a wife of a football fan? How do you find ways to be a part of the fun even if you’re not really into the game?

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