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Sleeveless White Tee & Jeans + Dressing for My Post-Baby Body

July 4, 2016

white tee & denim post-baby body 1 Sometimes, you just wanna be comfy. Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear. What could be more relaxed and safe than some denim paired with a simple white tee? Add a necklace for a pop of color, cute comfy shoes, a purse and I’m set!

…or AM I?

white tee & denim post-baby body 2 white tee & denim post-baby body 3 white tee & denim post-baby body 4

The Dilemma

I’ve been about the same size since my mid-twenties. For the past ten years, pre-baby, I pretty much knew what size clothes to buy and what types of clothes I could wear to suit my shape. Well, there’s nothing like having a baby to change all that!

But, you see, here’s the thing…


Right after giving birth to my son, I did pretty well with losing that initial “baby weight” — they say breastfeeding helps with that. By September-ish, I was back in these pre-pregnancy jeans with just a hint of a belly. Sure, I had to suck in my gut a bit but at least I could breathe!

Unfortunately, as the months went on, so did the pounds!white tee & denim post-baby body 5People are quick to tell me how great I look for just having had a baby. But what they don’t know is that half of my clothes don’t fit and that I’ve put on twenty pounds. Yes. Twen. Tee.

Cold weather settled in and I settled deeper and deeper into my couch. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and exercise was nonexistent. So, in all honesty, I can’t even blame having a baby on these love handles, flabby arms and extra thigh meat!

The fact is, I just ate too much and was virtually immobile!

While I knew I had put on some weight, I had no idea just how much my body had changed, what my body actually looks like today.white tee & denim post-baby body 7white tee & denim post-baby body 8I had gotten so used to throwing on whatever and getting away with it that it never occurred to me that my entire shape is completely different from my pre-baby body… that this sleeveless trapeze tee might not have been the greatest idea.

white tee & denim post-baby body 6

top, jeans, shades, shoes- Old Navy | leather purse (old) -Gap | necklace (old) Forever 21

If I was aware of these hips of eternity and that I’m basically in the pear-shape category (at least for now), I would have gone with maybe a tank top and blazer to sort of balance things out instead of a trapeze top which, although super comfy and covers my humongous behind, only emphasizes said shape.

Putting cuffs in my jeans during the summer is, again, just one of those things I was used to doing pre-baby. But a friend pointed out that cuffing your jeans shortens the legs and draws attention to the hips, making them appear even wider. True.

Bottom line…

I’ve gotta learn how to dress for this new, post-baby body of mine if I wanna keep certain… attributes under wraps! LOLwhite tee & denim post-baby body 9 white tee & jeans post-baby body 10 white tee & jeans post-baby bodywhite tee & jeans post-baby body 11

Basically, just because something fits doesn’t always mean it’s flattering… a fact I’ve known since forever. But seeing my post-baby body through someone else’s eyes helped me realize that I’m not the size or shape that I used to be and I could stand to change a few things style-wise, at least for a few months while I work on getting my body back!

No, I won’t completely dismiss this white tee and denim combo. After all, a white tee and jeans is as simple an outfit as you can get and so versatile. But choosing the right combo that works for your body is key to looking your best!

I’ll wear this to Target or something! Haha!

Oh! For details on the hair, check out this post. The back is a simple bun- the hair is rolled under and pinned down. 😉

What experiences have you had with gaining (or losing!) weight and having to adjust the way you dress- baby or not? Does a white tee and jeans remain a staple for you?

Photos: Jeff Brooks – Photog4Naturals

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