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What to Wear: Maternity Photo Shoot

November 4, 2015

Who doesn’t wanna look good for a photo shoot?! At nine months pregnant, though, assembling a cute yet comfy maternity photo shoot outfit can be challenging. Peep what I did for my session with Danni of DFinney Photography & Design.


Get Inspired But Be YOU!

Because the shoot was almost impromptu, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to figure out what I’d wear let alone the mind space (#pregnancybrain) to do so. I looked to a few of Danni’s past maternity shoots including Natural Chica’s for some inspo. Not only did I want to be comfortable but I wanted the photos to be a reflection of me as a fun-loving Brooklyn girl as well as my brand. So, in addition to doing one of my favorite hairstyles, I decided to rock my blog colors — coral and teal.

Danni always asks her subjects for a photo of their outfit so she can plan appropriately for suitable backdrops, etc. Such a pro, she is!


Keep it Simple- Less is More

Mae (Natural Chica) wore jeans, a solid top and simple blazer in some of her photos which happens to be one of my go-to looks when I’m in a time crunch. I went with that idea, swapping out a blazer for a denim jacket to have a more casual/fun vibe. All I needed now was a top, cute accessories and I’d be set.

Above All, Comfort is a Must!

There was no doubt that I’d be wearing my most comfortable pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy. I purchased a loose-fitting coral scoop-necked tee from Old Navy that would leave enough “breathing room” for the belly. As for footwear, it’d definitely have to be some sort of flat but I didn’t really have anything fresh (as in clean and in decent repair) enough for photos. I’ve always wanted a pair of oxfords and happened to stumble upon this super cute pair on my way to the register at Old Navy. Best of all, they were 50% off… I couldn’t leave them in the store!

The day of the shoot, I changed my mind on the top and wore a non-maternity tank that I already owned. If for no other reason, it helped to accentuate the baby bump. :-) While it was close-fitting, its cotton/spandex blend allowed the material to give and expand for the bump but remained comfortable and relaxed.

DSC_5353 DSC_5356 DSC_5410

Denim Jacket- Gap | Tank- H&M | Maternity Jeans, Shoes- Old Navy | Necklace- Aldo | Ring- Kings Plaza Shopping Center

DSC_5493 DSC_5508

As it turns out, hubby’s favorite color is blue which, I found, was the perfect complement to my coral! One thing I did always want were a few props (like the baby’s first initial or little booties) but the photos came out amazing and I couldn’t be more satisfied! View them all here.

Be it for your maternity photo shoot or some other occasion, what you wear should a reflection of you and your personality! Searching the web for inspiration is a great place to start but, in the end, you should be comfortable (ESPECIALLY if you’re pregnant!) and be you. Don’t stress too much over styling. As a soon-to-be mom, you have enough to worry about. Keep it simple and try not to overthink or overdo it when it comes to what to wear. Most importantly, have fun!

What will you wear for YOUR maternity photo shoot? What cute props might you use to make yours special?

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