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The Wedding Do: Cornrows x Marley Twists

December 26, 2013

Happy Thursday y’all! :-)

As promised in my wedding outfit post last week, I wasn’t gonna leave you hangin’ as far as my hair was concerned.

I love updos in general and feel that they often suit my face. With that in mind, I was off to Instagram to find a cute protective style that would be formal enough for a wedding that I would be able to keep for a bit. I settled on a couple styles which incorporated small cornrows up the back and sides with large twists at the top. That is, until I found this one on the Care For Your Hair {@cfyh_uk} Instagram page!
IMG_20131112_175635 IMG_20131112_181355GORGEOUS right?! This elegant updo by UK-based celeb stylist Dionne Smith stopped me in my tracks. It had all the elements I was looking for: cornrows and twists that I could style into a gigantic pompadour {I have a thing for pompadours!}. The difference here is that the cornrows are a lot larger than the styles I had been eyeing which meant it would take less time to execute. I was sold!IMG_20131125_111616

The twists ended up being styled slightly different from the way I have them here when it came time for the wedding. I had a bit of trouble getting the cornrows neat enough as I got towards the back so I made them slightly smaller and ended up with more cornrows than the model. No big deal. The style was still a hit but the next time I do it, my goal is to get it even closer to the inspiration. 😉

Wanna see how this style was achieved? Here ya go {tutorial for this style begins at around the 5:30 mark}. Enjoy!Thank goodness for Instagram! LOL!

Where do you find the most inspiration when you’re in a style slump? Instagram? YouTube? Share with us below!


Toia B.

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