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Top 4 Reasons Why We Adore Lupita Nyong’o!

February 17, 2014

I’ve been trying to think up some profound intro for this post, perhaps some super poetic description of Miss Lupita Nyong’o. Listen, it ain’t happenin’! What is there to say except… This chick bad! Here are four reasons why (in my humble opinion).

So, ummm, let’s start with the obvious.

{1} The Fashion!

Via US Weekly

Via US Weekly

I’m gonna be completely honest… I hadn’t the slightest idea who this beauty was before the Golden Globes (nope, didn’t see 12 Years A Slave) but, needless to say, she has had my attention ever since! I think I’m a bit late to join #teamlupita, but I’m okay with that. 😉 Anyways, Lupita Nyong’o = RED CARPET KILLA! Stylist Micaela Erlanger does an amazing job with her event after event. The colors, the shapes- they always work. She doesn’t stop. Just when you think she’s topped the last look, she goes and does something like this…

via theglamorousgleam.com

via theglamorousgleam.com

Lupita Nyong'o BAFTA Nominee lupita-nyong'o BAFTA Green

And then THIS happened…

CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION Presents the Women's Fall 2014 Runway Show at Spring Studios

Front row during NYFW with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna WIntour??!! You have officially “made it” on the fashion tip miss! Dare we say a Vogue cover cometh?? The level of class is just beyond words. I can’t even stand it! “We’re not worthy!”

{2} That SKIN!! 

Lupita Nyong'o By Sharif Hamza For Dazed & Confused February 2014

By Sharif Hamza For Dazed & Confused February 2014

*cue jaw drop*

Does she have pores?! LOL! I just… ugh! I can’t. Flawless, chocolate, dewy, baby soft-looking skin. Either she’s drinking gallons of water per day or it’s simply in the genes. Whatever the case may be, she makes me sick! Hmph! *folds arms*

{3} Her Versatile TWA PhotoGrid_1392670859867 For all you chicas who have just done the big chop or are scared to rock a short do thinking you have limited options, take a few notes from this gal! She’s gone from blown-out side part to high top to widow’s peak thanks to celeb stylist Ted Gibson. I think this is something we need to see within the natural hair community. Definite inspiration.

{4} That Sparkling Personality


You know how some people get famous or achieve some level of notoriety then start “smellin’ themselves”? They open their mouth and all respect you once had for them goes out the window. Not Lupita! If you follow her on Instagram or have ever watched her do an interview, you know that she is just so down-to-earth, lighthearted and fun. Her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live made me love her even more. All I could do was grin the entire time.

Okay, I’m done. I’m sure I could enumerate a few more things but this should suffice for now. :-) Let me state for the record that I am NOT a bandwagon-er. These thoughts and feelings are genuine and all my own. Lupita Nyong’o is just THAT awesome. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

What do you think of this breakout beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


Toia B.

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