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Teyonah Parris SAG Awards Updo

February 12, 2013


The natural hair community came to a screeching halt as social media was flooded with photos of this amazing red carpet look created by none other than the talented Felicia Leatherwood, natural hair stylist to the stars! I know you’re probably thinking, “Wow, girl you late!” But you’d be wrong LOL! Trust. I’ve been all over this since the very night Miss Parris walked that fancy coif down the red carpet of the 2013 SAG Awards. Still, I couldn’t let another week go by without an honorable mention on the blog!


via Instagram @lovingyourhair

First, let’s REALLY give it up for celeb stylist Felicia Leatherwood who created this magnificence! *applause* Elegance? Check. Wow factor? Check. And don’t we just LOVE seeing our natural celeb sistas flaunting their coils and curls for the world to see? It was a beautiful thing. Not since Viola Davis at the Oscars did we cause such a stir! And that DRESS… Yeah, she was just ON that night!





Of course the main thing on everyone’s mind was, “how’d she DO it?!” Well Leatherwood breaks it down- technique as well as the products used- in this exclusive step-by-step with Beauty Editor Nicole Melton of Essence.



Will I be attempting this at some point? Yes ma’am!! Well, Vaughn of MsVaughnTV on YT beat me to it and did an amazing job… check it out!

Easy right?! I challenge you curlies to recreate this look! ^_^ Are you up for it?!

Teyonah Parris plays Dawn Chambers on the hit television series Mad Men on AMC. Felicia Leatherwood is the brains and talent behind Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshops. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Till next time y’all!


~ Toia

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