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Teyana Taylor is SERIOUS Post-Baby #BodyGoals!

August 29, 2016

Everyone is talking about it… and yes, so will I!


Kanye West debuted his “Fade” video during last night’s VMAs and all I could do was stare at Teyana Taylor and wonder…

I didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards in its entirety but, of course, I would catch it just before Kanye introduces the video after five minutes of talking about… oh, I don’t remember! Know why? ‘Cause all I’m doing as the video begins is sitting in awe watching a sweaty, svelte, no tummy-havin Teyana dance around, doing the math like, “HOW old is their daughter? What… what’s happening here?!” as I caress my belly pouch.

I’ve talked a bit about getting used to my post-baby body and learning how to dress for my new shape but that doesn’t mean I’m tryna stay here! If I could get a handle on a decent workout/exercise routine and figure how to juggle that with mommying, blogging and other responsibilities, I’d be winning. And if I could also not eat so many brownies. *hangs head*

Oh, Teyana. Teach us your ways!

How did you get so snatched within 8 months of giving birth?! (Yes, EIGHT MONTHS!)

If “Fade” — which is streaming exclusively on TIDAL — doesn’t inspire you to go do some burpees, I don’t know what will.


Now, where’d I put that sports bra?

What did you think of Kanye’s “Fade” video featuring Teyana Taylor. Did you think, “#fitness goals” or nah?


*image via vanityfair.com

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