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Teal and Gray Chevron Nursery Decor Inspiration

March 14, 2016

Teal & Gray Chevron Nursery Decor Main

My teal and gray chevron baby room is finally underway!

After getting over the initial shock of being “with child”, I started thinking about all the cute lil things we’d get for the baby. I especially thought about how I’d decorate his room… what new mom doesn’t?! In my not-so-frequent trips to Pinterest, I’d always see these beautifully decorated nurseries and would think how I couldn’t wait to decorate one for my bundle.

Missed our baby announcement? Watch it HERE!

Welp, we had one major hurdle- we were in year two of living with my mom (after some extenuating circumstances) and would soon have another little body (and all of his stuff LOL!) sharing our little 10×10 bedroom if we didn’t find a spot before he arrived. But I had faith that we’d find our own place eventually so my plans for decorating a room for my bebé were still on. Pinterest gave me lots of inspo! I obviously love teal. *cheese grin*

teal and gray chevron nursery decor project nursery

I kept to the color scheme I wanted when choosing a pack ‘n’ play for Micah but, realistically, that was about all I could do with the space we had at the time. Other elements would have to wait. Thankfully, we finally moved into our apartment this January when Micah was about eight months old. We’ll talk about the adjustment to his own room, etc. in another post. 😛

But here’s how it’s looking so far…

teak and gray Baby Room BEFORE shelvesteal and gray baby room corner 2

Back story: our first apartment was a bit larger with lots of closet space and it was just the two of us. Now we’re in a smaller place AND have a baby… soooo his room is basically acting partly as a storage room for the FIVE bags of clothes I need to give away, our portable AC, a TV and the boxes of decor items I still need to find a home for.

teal and gray baby room corner 1teal and gray baby room corner 3

It took me a minute to find those chevron curtains only because… well, I dunno about y’all but I am so skeptical about buying certain things online! I need to see and touch. Call me old fashioned. Well, during a trip to Home Goods looking for a rug, I finally found my chevron curtains! They’re a little heavier than I would’ve liked but they’ll do.

Here are some elements I’ve picked up to start…

teal and gray baby room basketsteal and gray chevron nursery decor teal basket

Went to a local discount store for blinds and found these gray woven baskets about a month ago! YESSSS!! The shallow teal basket was a recent random find at Home Goods. Was hoping to find a second one on another shelf somewhere (y’all know how Home Goods is) but, nope. Just one. It worked out, though!

Yep, that’s a video monitor camera. Ours is an older model but you can find the new and improved (color video) here. I’m super paranoid so it comes in handy. SO thankful for that gift.

teal and gray nursery decor photos teal and gray nursery-Curtain-M

I couldn’t wait to put Micah’s newborn pics in some frames! Who knew hospital photos (yes, HOSPITAL) would come out so awesome?! I’ve had the silver frame forever… 99 cent store! The teal frame (love the distressed wood!), the curtains and gold “M”- all Home Goods! I racked up!

That gold  “M” will get a little makeover with a can of spray paint, of course, but what color do y’all think I should do? Teal or silver?? Should I get a teal area rug or gray and white chevron? HELP!

No, I don’t expect Micah’s room to be all lush like my Pinterest inspiration (cuz, really, who has that kinda money?!) but that’s the whole point, it’s just inspiration. With my pennies and a little creativity, I can make the most of this room! Will update you guys when I’m done. 😉

In the meantime, tell me, did you make a big fuss when fixing up your baby’s room or nursery? Where did you find inspiration? And, I’m not joking, help me out on these color choices!


Toia B.

*Inspiration photo via projectnursery.com

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