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SoftSheen-Carson Introduces the NEW Professional #HydraSteam Moisturizing System

August 14, 2014

On July 29th, I was excited to join other beauty influencers for breakfast with SoftSheen-Carson at the L’Oreal Tech Center here in NYC for the media launch of their NEW Professional #HydraSteam Moisturizing System.

Upon entering, we were greeted with delicious blueberry smoothies and a spread of tasty eats!



Director of Education Mezei Jefferson and SoftSheen-Carson Artistic Style Director and Celebrity Stylist Johnny Wright were on hand to give us the scoop on this brand new system, a line exclusively designed for stylists to use with steam treatments.

With revolutionary steam activated technology and infused with Aloe Vera, the NEW Hydra Steam Moisturizing System promotes curl definition, provides long-lasting frizz control, and delivers intense, vital moisture to dry, thirsty hair at every step.


“Steam treatments hydrate hair 5 times more effectively than using a conditioner alone. They infuse moisture to hair and gently open hair cuticles to allow conditioners to penetrate deeper,” says Johnny. “At the heart of the NEW Hydra Steam regimen is the Steam Treatment Masque an amazingly innovative formula that is activated by steam to deliver intense conditioning, soften hair cuticle and help prevent breakage.”

During the presentation, a few points stood out:

(1)    Hair is an appendage of the skin. Therefore, the same things that benefit the skin will usually benefit your hair as well. Makes sense. Many women swear by steam treatments to keep their skin healthy, supple (moisturized) and fresh. Steaming can do the same for hair.

(2)    Steaming is NOT just for naturals! Steam treatments are great for ALL hair, especially color and chemically-treated hair. Since these are prone to dryness, they will benefit from the deep penetration of moisture through steaming.

(3)    Johnny says, “GET YOUR ENDS TRIMMED!” Stop holding on to raggedy ends! I keep tryna tell y’all! “Your comb-out process will be much easier” once you let go of those nasty ends.

Now, onto the models…

Hydra-Steam-Johnny-Models Hydra-Steam-Tessa

Instead of starting from scratch and retwisting, the team refreshed Tessa’s (@afroista) old twist-out with steam and used the Moisturizing Sealing Spray to set the look. #flawless


For Kerla (@prettykerla), the system was used to bring out her beautiful, natural coils and man were they POPPIN! A small piece of untreated hair was left out in the back for us to see and feel the difference. The treated hair definitely felt a lot softer and the definition was undeniable.


Models styled by Danielle Mellanson (@msdannicouture)

As a thank you, each attendee went home with the #HydraSteam System along with a little gift. :-)


Many thanks to the team at SoftSheen-Carson for inviting me to this intimate launch event! I look forward to trying the line really soon so be sure to stay tuned for a full review.


Toia B.

***Keep reading for detailed info on the six key products which make up the NEW SoftSheen-Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System***

SoftSheen-Carson Professional Hydra Steam Moisturizing System


o Sulfate-Free Cleanser: Preps hair for the Steam Treatment Masque and provides moisturizing nourishment to hair, while effectively removing dirt and build-up. (SRP: $17.99)


o Steam Masque: Steam activated treatment to help prevent breakage and provides much needed conditioning to damaged, dry hair. The masque spreads evenly from root to tip and softens the hair cuticle. (SRP: $17.99)

o Moisturizing Sealing Spray: Lightweight leave-in conditioning spray that seals the hair cuticle directly following the steam treatment and is formulated to respect hair’s pH level. (SRP: $12.99)


o Curl Designing Cream: Formulated with Aloe Vera and has no drying alcohols to control frizz and deliver elongated curl definition. It provides medium, crunchless hold and lightweight moisture. (SRP: $17.99)

o Refining Coil Cream: Formulated with Aloe Vera and has no drying alcohols, this styling cream delivers intense moisture that softens tight coils. It provides low, crunchless hold that enhances definition. (SRP: $17.99)


o Finishing Oil: Lightweight, non-flaky formula that moisturizes without build-up and delivers radiant shine. This oil is 100% free of drying alcohols, mineral oil, parabens and petroleum. (SRP: $17.99)

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