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Hair Tip Tuesday: 7 Simple Hair Style Tutorials for Every Texture!

March 31, 2015


Due to our textures, certain styles may not quite do what we’d like them to. But there are a few simple hair styles you might be able to rock no matter what your texture! Check these out.

Roll, Tuck & Pin

This has proven to be a tried and true style for naturals of varying hair lengths and textures. It can be tweaked in a number of ways once you get the super easy technique down. It’s all in the name: simply roll the hair, tuck it in, and pin it! Below, Meechy Monroe shows us in five minutes how to achieve this classic style.

High Bun/Top Knot

The top knot is another classic style that’s suitable for any occasion. Jessica shows us that even if your hair is a bit on the thinner side, you can still get the style you desire with some enhancements! And if you caught my Jumbo Bun Pictorial (video coming soon!) you know I’m all for enhancements! 😉


This is probably THE easiest style you could ever do. Whether a high puff, low puff or angled puff, it’s a really quick, simple hair style that you can do on an old set (braid-out, twist-out, etc), totally “un-defined” kinks or use it to rescue that twist or curl set that didn’t quite work out the way you would have liked. You can do it with combs, a ponytail holder/headband, a shoelace… whatever will get your hair in the shape you need. The tutorial below by Kiss My Hair should help you out. You can also view this tutorial from Mini Marley or this one by Janae Mason aka Nae2Curly for a look at different techniques, hair textures and lengths.

Jumbo Flat Twist/Halo Twist

This simple hair style takes the twist and transforms it into an elegant work of art. Your fingers may need to get used to concept (that was MY experience) but once you get it, it will surely come in handy. For shorter lengths, you can use this technique for a headband look while wearing the back out or up in a puff. It’s so versatile. Below is an easy-to-follow halo twist tutorial by NaturalMetra to get you going. Here’s one for shorter hair.

French Braid

Maybe your mom taught you how to do one of these as a little girl, maybe not. But once you learn this basic style there are so many ways you can work it! Braid straight back, across, do two or three. My favorite is the upward French braid (as seen in this post). When doing this on your own head, it can be a challenge if you’re not used to it. Watch The Chic Natural below to see if you can pick up the technique.


Like the Puff, the Frohawk can be a savior when your hair style has gone kaput. A few bobby pins or hair combs and you’re set. Quick 1, 2, 3. The Notorious KIA shows us how easy it is. Don’t be turned away by her length or curl! This was one of my go-to styles as a newer natural so you can definitely do this on shorter hair and on kinkier textures! 😉

And there you have it! These super quick hairdos are fairly easy and will get you out the door in no time. Another great thing about these simple hair styles is that you can wear them alone or combine two or three to create something entirely unique and your own!

Tell me, what simple hair styles do YOU do to suit your texture?


Toia B.

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