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SheaMoisture #BreakTheWalls Campaign on The Real

April 7, 2016


As a woman of color, no doubt you’ve walked into a drug store or big-box retailer and have found products for your hair separated from the rest. Even worse, you may find a sad little shelf of only a handful of cremes, gels, and such in the hair care aisle. Truth be told, we have been under-served for years and it’s time for a change. Enter the SheaMoisture #BreakTheWalls campaign- an effort to make beauty aisles everywhere more inclusive of ALL hair types and textures.

Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to go to that one little section to find products for us. And if you’re not sure where to go when shopping your local Target, just look for the group of brown girls huddled to one side of an aisle, eyes full of wonder, products in-hand.


I remember, years ago, running to Rite Aid to get some gel in a styling emergency, HOPING my EcoStyler would be there! I managed to find a small jar but I almost missed it. “Our” products literally took up three small shelves. THREE.

It’s time to make things more available and less segmented. That’s why I love this campaign!


Sundial Brands Founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis and one of our faves Whitney White aka Naptural85 talked to the ladies of The Real about what the hashtag #BreakTheWalls is all about and how standards of beauty are finally beginning to change.

…you shouldn’t have to have someone else define your beauty for you. You should define your OWN beauty -Richelieu Dennis, SheaMoisture/Sundial Brands

No one should define your beauty for you. You should define your OWN beauty! #BreakTheWalls… Click To Tweet


While it is true that there are many brands out there for us, like SheaMoisture and others, catering to our needs, there’s still much work to be done.

Watch the full short film here and check out what went on behind the scenes with interviews of the actresses and beauty influencers behind the project.

How do you feel about this #BreakTheWalls initiative by SheaMoisture? Do you also feel women of color have been under-served with the availability of products?


*Photos: TheReal.com; Screenshots via SheaMoisture YouTube

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