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Review & Giveaway: Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer {CLOSED}

written by Toia B. December 21, 2013

What can I say… I LOVE IT!

After hearing a quite bit of a buzz about this little hair tool, I gotta say, I was intrigued! When I realized that I was being followed by Q-Redew on Instagram, I took the opportunity to reach out to its creator, Heidi.

First Impressions

The steamer arrived rather quickly and right away, I was impressed with the smart packaging. The wand was neatly packed in a sturdy, plastic mold and was accompanied by an instruction manual and a cute welcome card from Heidi herself. I immediately grabbed the steamer to get a feel for it and found it to be lightweight and very comfortable in my hand.

Getting Started

Because I still had Marley Twists in when I received my steamer, it was a few weeks before I actually used it but I read the instructions right away. They were simple: carefully remove the reservoir {the part that reads “Q-Redew” }, fill with water, snap it back in, plug the unit into an outlet and wait a few for the steamer to warm up. And when I say “wait a few”, I mean a few! This thing heats up so quickly it’s not even funny. A little red light just below the reservoir will stop blinking when it’s ready for use. To activate the steam, simply press and hold the trigger underneath.


Using It…

Not being sure how I would use this vapor wand at first, I was happy to have come across an Instagram post by Trudy of 4c Hair Chick where she said that she uses the Q-Redew as part of her detangling routine, stating that it works “small miracles”. LOL! Big claim. Welp, I thought I’d try using it that way.

We are instructed to use on dry hair so after dividing my hair into sections, I just applied some coconut oil to each one {I felt like I needed something!} before applying steam. I only wish I had recorded my reaction upon one stroke of the steamer on my hair! This thing detangles like a dream… A DREAM! I couldn’t stop saying how much I loved it. My husband found me quite amusing. :-) Read my initial reaction here.

Final Thoughts

So far, I’ve used my Q-Redew on three occasions and it looks like this is gonna be a nice, long relationship! For me, it’s amazing. Period. My hair felt super soft and hydrated. I do own one of the hood steamers but with this, because it’s handheld, you’re able to concentrate the steam where you need it as well as control the amount of steam applied. The prongs make for the ideal detangling “comb” which made the process a breeze. With a $69.95 price point, I think it’s worth every penny. Its convenient design also makes it great for travel. There are a number of ways you can use this steamer so check out the site for use suggestions and reviews from gals of all hair textures.

In light of the season, Q-Redew is offering some awesome deals. But, right now, YOU have a chance to win one of your own {thanks Heidi!}! Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

If you’ve used the Q-Redew Vapor Wand/ Handheld Steamer, tell me what you think of it below.


Toia B.

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