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How to Re-purpose Dinner for a Quick Breakfast

April 4, 2016


When mom life is pulling at you from every direction, it’s tough to grab a hearty yet quick breakfast. Why not re-purpose elements from last night’s dinner for that much-needed recharge?

The Challenge

We’ve been using Blue Apron in our home for a couple months now and we’ve been digging it. But with a picky husband, you’re bound to have a few things left behind.

One of the meals we received included plantain. The hubster HATES plantain! The same meal included homemade pickles using English cucumber. The mister seems to be allergic to anything green so that plus some leftover salad from a big family dinner was also untouched!

Waste Not, Want Not!

After setting the baby up with a bottle of juice and some Curious George, I ran into the kitchen with a plan already in mind. I know I have about 7 minutes before he finishes that bottle and start missing me so I gotta work fast!

I grabbed 2 eggs, whisked em like my life depended on it, dropped them and my leftover salad in a pan. Boom!

I quickly took out two strips of turkey bacon. As soon as the eggs were done, my bacon went in the pan.

Popped the plantain in the microwave for 30 seconds. Done.


Sprinkled a little pre-shredded mozzarella on my eggs (cuz I like to be fancy!) and VOILA! I was sitting with my breakfast with a little baby juice-drinking- time left to spare.

So it kinda helps to have a bit of a strategy in place. Think about what you’ve got in your fridge that might otherwise be wasted and throw it on a plate! While I do love my bowl of Corn Flakes, it only holds me for so long. Having a nice, complete meal in the morning is needed to deal with these babies, am I right? 😉

How do YOU cut down on time in the mornings? How do you squeeze in time to feed yourself?

(Like, for real, tell me. I’m still learning!) 😉

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