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Quickest Crochet Braids Tutorial EVER via My Natural Sistas!

January 18, 2015

Everyone and their mama is gettin’ a crochet weave (or crochet braids) and for good reason. What better way to achieve the big, textured look of a twist-out or braid-out while still protecting your hair! Even I tried my hand at it and kept it in for a month (sorry, no pics). A couple of my blogger boos have also joined in the fun!

Wanna try it?

There are a TON of tutorials on YouTube but I just came across what has got to be THE shortest how-to on crochet braids I’ve seen to-date! Although a mere two minutes and thirty seconds long, Toni of My Natural Sistas manages to pack some helpful tips into this vid making it great for beginners. Using Cuban Twist hair and the basic latch-hook method, the results are simply beautiful.


I intend to install this again within a week or two using Cuban Twist hair as I did the first time. At some point, I’ll fill you in on what I learned from my experience and what I plan to do differently the next time around.

What about you? Have you tried crochet weave/crochet braids yet? Will you? If so, what’s your hair of choice?


Toia B.

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