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My Next Do: Protective Style Inspiration

August 12, 2013

Listen girls… I have no idea what to do with my hair! Oh my stars! I have so too many ideas which means I wind up doing nothing. *shakes fist* Aarrggh!!!

Cassandre (Cass) Beccai is rockin' the mess outta this 'do! View the tutorial here.

via cassandrebeccai.com

You remember my post on Havana & Marley Twists? Remember I was all gung ho about doing some of those as my next style? Well, that idea is still there but then… *sigh* see, I blame Instagram! LOL! You see all these fab hairstyles and go “hmmmm, maybe I’ll do this bun!” or “Wowwww, those cornrows look hot. DOING IT!” (-_-) Inspiration man. Is there such a thing as being too inspired? I mean, I just wanna do it all but here’s my logic:

I LOVE my huge bun but if I do that again, I’ll need to apply gel which means I’m gonna have to shampoo in like a week for sure due to buildup. I really don’t feel like going through one of my “normal” wash day sessions (which can take the greater part of the day) for at least another two months.

If I install Havana style Marley Twists, I can get up, spray and go. When it’s time to wash, the process is super easy. However, depending on how thick I make them (and I DO wanna make them pretty thick) I’ll need to set aside 5 hours at the very least. This is actually half the time it takes to install normal-sized twists so why am I even complaining? I’m thinking, “Hey! The time spent installing them is so worth it for the protection and the day-to-day ease”. Am I right?!

And THEN, I saw these pics on Instagram the other day and everything fell apart :-/

Via AfricanCreature

Via AfricanCreature

Via NaturallyCherrell

Via NaturallyCherrell

Yeah, what if I do a cornrow/Marley Twist combo?! Huh, huh?!

I haven’t done cornrows since… *thinking* well, shoot, since last year! I’ve been wanting to do some cornrows for a minute now. With some version of the above styles I can get the best of both worlds. When I’m over it after maybe two weeks, all I’d have to do is take out the cornrowed sections, install more twists and voila! Then I can do all the buns I want. 😉

Whew! Thanks y’all. See, I just needed to talk it out with my peoples. I know what I’m gonna do. I guess NOW the question is, should I record a tutorial? O_O





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