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One Dope Chick Graphic Tank + Bermuda Shorts

July 4, 2014

It was a rather lazy Tuesday as I was still trying to rest up after a VERY busy two weeks which included going back to work after a year and a half (YAY ME!) while putting the finishing touches on my event on the 15th and THEN an exciting weekend that followed. Woosh!

A feeling for some Dallas BBQ grub… aaannnd one of their luscious frozen dranks, Texas size of course, suddenly came over me. And wuddyaknow? Hubby was all for it! We got dressed quickfast and head to Downtown Brooklyn.


Dallas BBQ Peach-Mango Colada… YUM!

After filling my belly, I just had to rep for my girl Toni G., creator of the trendy clothing brand Haus of Swag, and snap a couple pics. You may recall that I rocked another one of her creations to an Allen Stone concert last year. Yeah… I own quite a few HoS originals. What can I say? Her stuff is dope!

One-Dope-Chick-Graphic-Tank-Bermuda-Shorts 1

One-Dope-Chick-Graphic-Tank-Bermuda-Shorts 2

Tank – Haus of Swag | Shorts – Old Navy | Sneakers – Coach (Marshall’s) | Earrings – SoHo Street Vendor

The tank got a few stares and one gal was bold enough to tell me how much she loved it! The style of the lettering along with the tagline itself… pretty genius if you ask me. Love how Toni is all about reppin for the ladies with a bit of old school attitude. Being a naturalista herself, you best believe she’s got styles to celebrate your curls and kinks as well.

If YOU are “One Dope Chick”, head on over to HausOfSwag.com to get your tank for the summer! Follow HoS on Instagram to be kept up-to-date on sales, giveaways and new styles.

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