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Frohawk: Quick Natural Hair Style for Busy Moms

August 7, 2016

Natural Hair Style Frohawk

We moms are always going, aren’t we? Especially if you’ve got a BABY baby or toddler, your time is not your own. But we still gotta look cute, right?! So here’s a quick and easy frohawk for you that’s great for the summer heat!

I started off with a two-day old twist & curl (using Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Easy Twist Gel & Butter). After already wearing a side-parted curly fro for the first couple days, I wanted to switch things up a bit when heading out with the little one.

This pic doesn’t do my twist & curl justice… at all! But I’ll do it again in the near future and try to record my technique.

tobnatural twist and curl

Frohawk Needs

  • bobby pins
  • Refresher spray (to add a little moisture)
  • Gel or edge control (optional)

I used Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale Twice as Nice Curl Refresher Spray just to wake up my hair a bit and add some moisture. You’ll see that I simply smoothed my hair with my hands without the use of gel or edge control. It’s totally up to you if you wanna do that, and sometimes, I do. But I just wanted this to be as effortless and “laissez-faire” as possible.

Here’s a closer look at those two products…

Au Naturale Products Frohawk


…and there you have it!

Will you give this frohawk a try? What’s your go-to “I’ve gotta get outta here FAST” style?

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