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Natural Fashionista: P Roy

February 10, 2014

Like our first official Natural Fashionista, I discovered this creative young woman on Instagram (…Instagram ROCKS!), drawn initially to her daily fashion posts. It didn’t hurt that her hair was always super cute! Without a doubt, she keeps us guessing on both ends. We caught up with one another at a meetup last Spring and she was even more beautiful in person.

Meet P Roy…

How long have you been rocking your natural tresses and what made you take that step?

I’ve been completely natural for over 5 years and decided to take that leap because I wanted more versatility with my hair.  I was already rocking curls, weaves, braids, straight hair, etc. and I knew that going natural I would have so many more styles to choose from! So the decision was made and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best part about being natural? Did you face any challenges along the way?

The best part about being natural is just being able to have that versatility with your hair (as previously stated).  Who knew natural hair could be so much fun?  Also, it is just a freeing experience, you know, to be yourself unapologetic. Going natural has definitely helped me to embrace who I am.  I didn’t face any real challenges along the way except for the occasional learning curve on how to manipulate my hair in the best way, but with change comes education. I was up for it!

pRoy Afro

Describe your hair care routine throughout the week.

Throughout the week I am relatively lazy.  LOL!  Don’t come for me natural Nazis! I do keep moisture in my hair, but it may not always be “styled” in such an extravagant way.  I keep it to my liking and I learned the less that I’m in it, the more it thrives.  Spritz it with water or leave-in, seal it with oil, use my styler of choice and seal with oil, again.

You are just as imaginative with fashion as you are with your hair! Do you feel that going back to your natural texture has changed your overall style?

I can say it has definitely influenced me to push the envelope and try different looks!  Because my hair has a mind of its own, it’s only right that my fashion choices follow suit!  So, I love experimenting with textures, colors, bling and all that jazz!

pRoy faux_fur_vest

How would you describe your personal style? Any inspirations?

My personal style is ever changing. I would like to say it’s modern chic with a twist of eclectic funk.  I love Solange, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and Gwen Stefani just to name a few.

What are some of your favorite trends? Are there any that you wish would disappear?

Trend talk is so slimming, I can’t say that I have a favorite because I explore everything.  Crocs are not my favorite shoe… they can go away.  LOL.

What’s one piece in your closet you just couldn’t live without?

You’re making me choose!!! Arrrrrgh… LOL.  Today I’m going to say a nice pair of denim.  Actually that may be my everyday answer, but the brand changes and so does the style so I’ll keep it general with that one.

pRoy hotpinkpolkadots_collage

Tell us a bit about your blog Steel Feather Lace Elephant… how/when did it come about and what do you hope to accomplish with this outlet?

Steel Feather Lace Elephant is a beauty + inspirational lifestyle blog that targets those who long to embrace and incorporate creativity, optimism and diversity into their ever-evolving lifestyles while understanding beauty radiates from the inside-out. It covers topics such as hair care, fashion, financial tips, fitness, finding yourself and beyond.

“All Things Inspiring and Beyond…”

In addition to the blog, is there anything else you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

I have a few projects up my sleeve, but time will reveal all things so stay tuned!

Any fashion tips or advice for those who are newly natural?

Whether it be fashion or natural hair – just go for it! If you don’t like it, there are other options, but you will never know if you do or do not rock with it until you try it! You’ve only got time on this Earth, right? Use it!

pRoy Boyfriend Blazer

pRoy yellow_fro pRoy denimlove_collage pRoy mellowyellowtrio

pRoy chambray_hair pRoy marigold_plum_leopard

Thank you so much for sharing P!

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Owner/Operator of Steel Feather Lace Elephant

Creative Director/Founder of People of COLORS

Instagram: instagram.com/askpRoy

Facebook: facebook.com/steelfeatherlaceelephant

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YouTube: youtube.com/askpRoy

Tumblr: askproy.tumblr.com


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