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Natural Fashionista: Nicollette

April 29, 2016

This month’s Natural Fashionista, Nicollette is a vlogger who has been killing The ‘Gram with her creative styles and vibrant color. Let’s get to know this beauty and a bit about her journey.


My name is Nicollette. I’m from the boogie down Bronx. I’m a NYC blogger and natural hair enthusiast.

How long have you been wearing your hair in its natural state and (if not always) what made you take the step to return?

I have been natural for 3 years. I decided to go natural after doing an at home relaxer. I just colored my hair and thought waiting 2 weeks before relaxing my hair would be fine. Believe it or not almost all of my hair fell out. Ever since then, I swore to never relax my hair again.


What do you love most about being a natural girl? Any challenges along the way?

I love two things about being a natural girl: 1. I love that I can be so versatile and 2. I feel like I automatically have sisters when I see another natural almost like a sisterhood. Meeting other people that have the same thing in common with you is such a great feeling.


The closest to a challenge would be just having patience. I’m not a patient person so during my transition, I had to learn to be patient.

Tell us about your weekly hair routine and your go-to hair style(s).

My weekly hair routine consists of twist outs and curly updos. I wash weekly- every other week, I use a shampoo but most times I co-wash. I deep condition once every month. I use a moisturizer with all my hair styles. I love products that have a combination of a creamy texture but also a natural oil.

My go-to hair style right now is my curly wash and go puff. It’s easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes.


What’s one major thing you’ve learned while on this natural hair journey?

One major thing I’ve learned while on my natural hair journey is to not fear change. Hair is just hair so why worry or have what-ifs? Just having fun and taking risks, as well as loving my natural is what’s important. I use to be afraid to color or cut my hair. After losing this fear, I have cut my hair really short and have had plenty of colors since then.


Some women feel their sense of style has changed since returning to natural. Do you find this to be true in your case or do you feel your style has been consistent through the years?

In regards to my style, I do think it has changed but so have other things over the years. We are all meant to change and grow; what good would there be if we didn’t grow out of our norm?

I don’t have a particular style at the moment. I love Afrocentric styles, preppy styles, edgy styles, and classy styles. It just depends how I’m feeling that day and how I want my hair to look.


How would you describe your personal style? Is there anyone who inspires you?

My personal style is very versatile. I love many fashion forward styles. From boho chic to bold colors and prints, I don’t have a specific style I love all styles and try to put a twist on trends to adapt to my liking.

As a New Yorker, do you feel pressure to always be stylish?

As a New Yorker, I don’t feel any pressure to have a particular style however I will say the environment I am in will influence a specific style. Living in the Bronx I personally feel there is an edgy, old school meets new school hip hop fashion sense. If I’m in the city (Manhattan) I tend to dress preppy, wear over-sized clothing, or wear fashion prints as if I’m on the runway. This is because the crowd in certain areas helps to influence what style I’d like to wear that day.

What is your absolute favorite item of clothing? Yep, just ONE item!

I’d say right now my favorite article of clothing is my olive green jacket from H&M. I love it because the color is a trend at the moment, and it’s an edgy jacket. It’s not fitted and gives a relaxed vibe.


Where can we find you shopping these days?

I mostly shop at Forever 21 and H&M. I’m tiny so those stores cater to my petite size.

Please share some words of wisdom for those looking to find their personal style or perhaps a word of advice for our newbie naturals.

Have fun and don’t stress! We are constantly trying to find ourselves and create a newer us. If you try to be one specific thing or look a certain way, you’ll forever try to do that. If you have a certain fashion or hair interest, explore those areas and do not feel hesitant or you’ll stay in the same boat for a while.


Thank you so much for sharing with us and being April’s Natural Fashionista, Nicollette! 😉

Keep up with her adventures on Instagram and check out her simple tutorials on YouTube!

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*Images: Just 2 LLs; Innovative Artist Group; Modelesque_Nic Instagram

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