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Natural Fashionista: Jonna

October 31, 2015


I remember meeting our October natural fashionista at an event here in NYC years ago. I just had to tell her that she had THE most gorgeous hair and dope style! Years later, she’s still doing her thing. Her she is…

Hi, I’m Jonna, creator of Naturally Glam, where being glam comes naturally. I’m a beauty, style and lifestyle blogger based out of Virginia.


How long have you been wearing your hair in its natural state and what made you decide to return?

I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state since December 2008. I decided to return to natural because I wanted to eliminate chemical relaxers and start a healthier lifestyle. I also was curious about what my natural texture would look and feel like.

What do you love most about having natural hair? Have you faced any challenges along the way?

I love the uniqueness of it. No head is exactly alike, and so I like that. I definitely faced challenges during my transition, and now my biggest challenge is the varying textures and curl patterns on my one head.


Briefly tell us about your hair routine.

I cleanse, deep condition, and detangle weekly, and either define my natural curls, blow dry my hair to stretch it, or do twist-outs. I try so many different products so I can’t even begin to list all of my favorites to use. I try to keep my routine very simple.

Do you think your style has changed since wearing your natural texture or do you feel your style has been pretty consistent through the years?

I think mentally my attitude changed when I decided to wear my natural texture. I always have been a person who had self-confidence, but when I first big-chopped my confidence was really put to the test. So now, you can’t tell me anything – and my style reflects that. I just wear what I want.


How would you describe your personal style? What inspires you?

My personal style is edgy-chic. I’m not super girly, but I do like feminine pieces. So I usually pair them with something casual or edgy, or even masculine. I’m inspired by Janelle Monae, and how she isn’t overtly sexy but still shows her femininity in her looks.

What are your favorite fashion trends, past or present?

I like neons, and mixing patterns. I also like the distressed jean trend coming back. I remember growing up my mom wouldn’t let me wear them, so now I love wearing them and her giving me the side-eye because she can’t tell me what to do anymore.


You’re going on a last minute trip and can only bring one item of clothing along. What would it be?

Black skinny jeans.

Where might we find Jonna shopping these days?

My favorite thrift store or Forever 21 online.

Please share some words of wisdom for those looking to define their style and/or a word of advice for our newbie naturals.

Embrace your own beauty. Don’t waste your time trying to look like someone else, whether it’s your personal style or hair. My mom always says, ‘do you, cuz everyone else is taken’ and I live by that.

Anything you’re currently working on or future projects you’d like to share?

I’m currently reviving a few series on my blog and YouTube channel – my Doggie Style feature where I share my dog NuNu’s personal style and other pets’ style, and my Defining My Curls series where I define my curls using different products to show how they work on my hair. I’m also launching a free webinar for bloggers on how to work with brands to grow their business, as well as a eCourse for new/small bloggers.

Many thanks to Jonna for sharing! Make sure you stay connected with this natural fashionista on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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