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Natural Fashionista: Jessica P.

January 13, 2014

I first came across this beauty on Instagram back in November and right away, she had my attention! Not only was she a fierce naturalista but as I scrolled through her page, I realized she had it on LOCK in the fashion department. After numerous photo reposts and features on my IG page, I decided it was time I introduce her to you, my gorgeous readers. After all, natural hair & fashion are what ToBNatural is all about, right?

Meet Jessica…

Jessica P Bun

Jessica first caught my eye with this IG post!

How long ago did you go natural? Why?

-I went natural 2/15/11. My last relaxer was 12/29/10. Initially I wanted to transition for a year, but I was too impatient and tired of the permed hair. So I big chopped and only had a half of inch of hair on my head. I loved it!

Why do you love being natural? Have there been any challenges along the way?

-The best part of being natural is self acceptance. I’ve learned how to love my napps at any length. I love how much money I’ve saved too! Lol. The only challenge I’ve faced is sticking to a regimen. I’m really lazy when it comes to hair so hopefully I can change that this year.

How have you been able to juggle your personal hair care routine with being a new mom?

-Omg it has not been easy. But I’m utilizing protective styling to the fullest!


As the mother of a beautiful baby girl, have you thought about ways you might begin to instill a love for her natural hair texture as she gets older?

-Well I believe by her seeing me wear my natural hair, it will just be a normal thing. It’s important for parents to embrace their natural hair in order for the child to follow.

Your fashion sense is off the meter! Do you feel going natural has changed your overall style in any way?

-Thank you! I don’t think it has. I think my age has just polished my style. I’ve always had an unique sense of style. But natural hair has added some spice to my style!


How would you describe your personal style? Any inspirations?

– my style is a mix of eccentric city chic. I’m a sucker for texture and color! If it’s bright and graphic, chances are I might love it! My inspiration comes from my love of different cultures. I love the colors that other cultures incorporate in their lifestyle. Also Julia Sarr Jamois!  Her style is insane!

What are some of your favorite trends and ones you wish would disappear?

-I love the knee-high sock trend during fall/winter. One trend I wish would just die, is this whole basketball wives/ love and hiphop-esque fashion. I HATE IT! Lol

What’s one piece in your closet you just couldn’t live without?

-My leopard fur coat!

Any fashion tips, advice for those who are newly natural or new moms who are trying to stay fly?

-don’t let your style die just because you had a child. Allow motherhood to add a flare to your personal style.

Where can we find you on social media?

-instagram: jfashiongirl87 | YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JessicaPettway

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Thank you so much for sharing with us Jessica! ♥

Would you like to see more natural fashionistas here on ToBNatural? Let me know! :-)

Catch you ladies tomorrow…


Toia B.

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