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Natural Fashionista: Ebony

April 23, 2014

Here’s another fabulous young lady who I met on the socials via a mutual friend. Her style is just amazing and seemingly effortless. SHE DOPE! :-) I had to share the dopeness with you all. Here she is…


I’m Ebony Green-Ellis, I work in the production department of a thrift store, and I’m a Cali/L.A. girl!

How long have you been wearing your hair in its natural state and what made you take that step?

I’ve been natural for about 13 years. I used to have middle of my back length straightened hair which I was very attached to and almost defined my beauty through. My last year of high school, it began to break and so did my fragile self-esteem. That same year, I met a kindred spirit of a friend. We both wrote poetry, shopped at thrift stores, and enjoyed music no one else around us did at the time. When we connected we thought we were Erykah Badu and India Arie lol and she started wearing hers in an afro. I decided to rebel against my self-inflicted panic of losing my beloved permed locs and shaved it all down to the scalp. Been natural since then.

What would you say is the best part about being natural? Have you faced any challenges?

The best part about being natural is this ‘wholeness’ I feel in not trying to obtain anyone else’s aesthetic but my own. I don’t know, it’s like when my hair HAD to be straight for me to be attractive there was a whole major part of me that was being rejected. With my natural hair it’s like my ‘self’ has called my hair into the house from out on the porch. Lol… everybody is home. The whole family is around the table, and everything is right. If that makes any sense :)


Describe your weekly hair routine.

My weekly hair routine pretty much consists of a weekly wash and deep condition treatment. On my day off I leave it on all day. My go-to style is a twist-out so I twist my hair every night while watching or listening to something informative. When I’m pretty broke, I use whatever’s in my kitchen: tea, mayo, eggs, ACV, avocado, etc. But def wash, treatment and style weekly.

Do you feel that having naturally kinky hair has changed or, in some ways, dictates your overall style? If not, do you feel it can for some?

Heck yes! Lol My natural hair has ENHANCED my style. It’s totally part of the look. Some stuff just looks so much hotter with a side part fro, or long chunky Marley twists. And depending on how I’m wearing my hair, I shop differently. I pick out things I wouldn’t have considered with another hair style. For example: I’m brainstorming fat Marley twists in an exaggerated top knot and have been collecting all these Chinese silk embossed pieces for this Afro-Asian look that’s taking shape in my mind lol. I LOVE how my hair inspires my style.


How would you describe your personal style? Does anyone inspire you style-wise?

My style is eclectic, moody, and personal. I dress how I feel. My outfits: the colors, the textiles, the feel of the fabric and fit of them on my body carry me through a day. I’m inspired by EVERYBODY. I really enjoy Tracee Ellis Ross style-wise, Rihanna for how she endlessly brings it like her ideas just keep coming, older women in my religious group SLAY, their poise and grace makes me want to find pumps to strut in lol. My best friend inspires me because she is effortlessly sexy and I spin her influence into my own brand of sexy in my style.

Do you follow current fashion trends at all? If so, what are your faves but what trends are you over?

I somewhat follow fashion trends. I pick the ones I truly dig. But I won’t pick one up just for the sake of being ‘in’. I’m about to try to pull off the whole dressy pajama set look for a concert coming up. I’m really not getting the French fry image on the dresses that I think Beyonce did (??) But, I love fashion just as a form of creativity and expression so whether it’s trendy, personal style, whatev, I love it. Do it boo :-)


Name one piece in your closet you just can’t live without.

One?? What a horrible request! Lol I love allllll my clothes! Hmmm, ok my denim shirt which coincidentally just got a hole in it. I really love prints and I can always throw on my denim shirt as kind of a neutral piece with a skirt and heels or a pair of high waist pants, and dress it up or down.

You snag some amazingly ridiculous thrift store deals! Can you offer some tips to the readers on how and maybe where to look for bargain fashion?

Thank you! Well, I work at a thrift store so my drug is right at my fingertips lol. I’ve been pretty faithfully going to a $1 sale on Sundays at Jet Rag in L.A. $1 dresses are one of my joys in life, true story. I’m completely tickled pink and satisfied with myself when I can construct a whole look around something I paid a buck for. Thrifting takes patience and vision. Look for awesome colors, good quality fabrics, eye catching prints and have a knowledge of your body and what cuts of clothing look good on you before hand and you’re good to go. Also, I do a combination skim/touch of every piece when I’m thrifting. It’s quick but focused. When I thrift it has to be thorough to find the gems.


Any overall fashion tips or advice for those who are newly natural?

9. Know you. Take time to really discover what colors compliment your skin tone, what pieces you enjoy wearing, what cuts compliment your body shape, try on stuff, take time in the mirror with YOU. And let yourself be inspired and have fun. As for hair, we are all on this natural hair journey together. No matter how long you’ve been natural, we are all learning together. We know like the back of our hands how/where to get a press, buy a box of perm and get your homegirl to lay it on your new growth. But our natural hair is like a precious newborn baby. We have to be patient with its development and looooove it as we learn. And embrace what our own hair does not in comparison with the next.

Anything that you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

I’m currently working on building my self esteem. Becoming a whole woman. Increasing my spiritual activity, creating a vision for my life, and loving more. That last one, I’m looking forward to that one taking me some cool places. *wink* 😉

Where can we find you on social media?

I’m not on many social media platforms but I’m an IG addict: ebb_and__flo


EbonyGreenEllis_Coils EbonyGreenEllis_StripedWrap EbonyGreenEllis_BunJumper

Thanks so much, Ebony, for sharing your hair story along with your thrifting tips and tricks!

Stay tuned for our next Natural Fashionista coming up in a few weeks! 


Toia B.

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