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Micro Locs: The Latest in Crochet Braids

September 23, 2016

Well, in case you haven’t heard, there’s yet aNOTHER type of hair out in these protective styling streets for crocheting, just in time for fall: Micro Locs!



This new hotness (okay, it’s about a month old… still kinda new) from Bobbi Boss is the latest in their African Roots Braid Collection. Thanks to a quick hashtag search, you can find quite a number of images of the style and you may even find a few of your favorite bloggers and vloggers rockin it.

The Lowdown on Micro Locs

Right off the bat, you’ll notice Micro Locs are a super thin version of the crochet locs we’ve gotten used to seeing most recently. In short, they look almost exactly like Sisterlocks. It loses a bit of that natural look due to that sheen synthetic hair tends to have but it’s still cute.

On each piece or loop of hair, you get 4 strands or locs, each pack containing 18 pieces. Don’t worry, I did the math for you! 😉 That’s a total of 72 strands/locs per pack. Sounds like a good amount but remember, we’re talking micro locs! You’ll need to make sure you fill in all those gaps pretty good to camouflage the braids and make it look as natural as possible.

For a full and complete look, the general consensus from those who have installed this hair— and I’ve watched about five tutorials of ladies with varying head sizes — is that about seven to eight packs will be needed. If you’re unsure, go for an extra pack. There’s nothing worse (hair wise) than running out of hair in the middle of installing a style!

Oh! These Micro Locs are 18 inches long — so you’ve got enough to work with to create a variety of styles — and comes in a variety of colors like almost black (1B), dark brown, blonde, burgundy and even blue or green, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Micro Locs Tutorials

I guess if you’ve seen one crochet braiding tutorial, you’ve seen ’em all, right? But I thought I’d insert a couple anyways just so you can get an idea of how this hair holds up.

Jessica Pettway did a cute install on her sister!

I always love when Ebony aka Coloured Beautiful tries out these new styles because she always give you the REAL! I’m so here for her open, honest feedback. I’m sure this tutorial-slash-review will be most helpful to you!

So, what do you think?!

Will you be trying Micro Locs during the cooler months? If not, let’s talk about what you DO have planned for your hair this season!

Me? I think I’m gonna do some kinky twists. Whatever I do, you’ll likely see it on Instagram first so make sure you’re following! 😉

*feature image via sistawigs.com

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