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Maximize the Potential Part Deux! Keep Hair CLEAN!

August 20, 2012

Welcome back! As promised, here is the second way you can help your hair along towards the goal of optimal health, maximizing the potential for growth.

Keep Your Hair & Scalp Clean!


Self explanatory, right? For one, dirty, funky hair is not the move! 0_0 More importantly, a healthy, clean environment is needed for hair to thrive. Buildup on the scalp can virtually stunt growth simply because of dirty, clogged pores/follicles. There’s no hard & fast rule on how often one should cleanse their hair and scalp. Your routine may differ from another based on things like how much product you use, how much you sweat (for you active ladies), etc. Your hair will usually tell you when it’s time.

See my Tuesday’s Tips for further suggestions on Wash Day and Clarifying.

Bye for now curlies!! Smooches.



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