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Maximize the Potential Pt. Four: Minimize Heat

August 20, 2012

Hello curlies! Onto the fourth aspect of care that aids in healthy hair growth…

Cool it With The Heat!


Maybe you’re one of those naturals who has totally sworn off heat-styling. Great! But if you, like me, enjoy the occasional blow-out or even straightening for a change in your look, take precautions. Too much heat can lead to dry hair which leads to breakage and split ends. You can even permanently alter the texture of the hair if you’re not careful! So be sure to use a low-medium heat setting in order to prevent those strands from over-drying, resembling a bushel of straw rather than hair. Rule of thumb, with regards to blow dryers in particular: if it’s too hot on your skin, it’s too hot for your hair! Make use of a heat protectant to be on the safe side. I prefer to go the natural route by using grapeseed or avocado oils (due to their having a high smoke point) to protect my tresses from unwanted heat damage and over-drying.

Do you use heat in YOUR regimen? How often? What do you use to protect your hair from heat damage?

Next, the fifth and final way to help keep your hair healthy, keep breakage to a minimum and actually see growth!

Bye!! 😉



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