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Lupita Nyong’o: PEOPLE’S Most Beautiful!

April 24, 2014

So excited that my girl (yes, MY girl!) Lupita has snagged the top spot on People Magazine’s annual list of Most Beautiful folks… well, celebs.

Sure, the argument CAN be made that, in a world of around 8 billion (?), there’s gotta be someone more beautiful than all 50 on this list. Hey, you may even know of one such individual personally. But, let’s be real… they gotta go by people known by most of the world and, well, those people are celebs, right?

Back to our story. :-)

Are we at all surprised that the chocolate red carpet killa has accomplished this? I mean, look at her!


She stole our hearts and slayed the red carpet during award season, acquired the Lancôme deal and now this. This woman is just doing it all and with such style, grace and humility, which is no wonder how she claimed the number one spot in the first place! Her beauty exudes from within. I just adore her and I swear I don’t get like this for any celebrity… ANY!

To see this dark brown beauty on the cover of such a big deal magazine at the top of a big deal (to some) list is huge! Of course, she didn’t need this accolade to prove to herself or to us just how gorgeous she is… we have eyes! But, apparently, her elegance, charm and loveliness just couldn’t be ignored. We don’t see too many of “us” in mainstream/popular media so I’m hoping this sends a message to darker girls that, yes, you ARE beautiful.

Is this the beginning of a change in regard to how the world at large looks at brown beauty? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this brief video where Lupita reveals herself and her thoughts on beauty…

Congrats Lupita!


Toia B.

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