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LoveBrownSugar BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC – Recap

August 15, 2016

This past Saturday, Christina Brown of LoveBrownSugar hosted the final leg of her BrownGirlsLove tour right here in NYC. After hitting major cities like Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles, she thought it was only right to bring her baby back home.

BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC Swag Bags

It was a scorcher of a day with the heat index hitting over 100° in the city. Thankfully, the bartenders of Stanton Social in New York’s Lower East Side welcomed us with refreshing ice water to cool us off as we stepped in from the summer heat. Those of us who arrived a bit early mingled in the lounge area as we were snapped by the event photographer Joe Chea.

BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC Toia B by Joe Chea

This being my first time at this restaurant, I was impressed by the rustic yet modern decor of Stanton Social— a cool, swanky venue where we could sit close, enjoy the ambiance and chat over food that was as beautiful as it was tasty!

Stanton Social Wine-MezzanineBrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC Eggs Benedict After welcoming us, Christina introduced us to a fun icebreaker game. We paired up, introduced ourselves and asked one another the following:

What do you do? What’s your passion (if different from occupation)? What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2016?

This allowed for some great conversations which led to the whole table exchanging stories and experiences over brunch.BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC TableBrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC First Course

Christina explained that this activity was meant not only to get to know others but, having shared a goal for 2016 with someone else, we now have an accountability partner! True, once you put something out there that you’d like to accomplish, you know someone will be looking for you to make it happen.

She then opened up to us about her experiences and shared three little tidbits that she learned while hosting her BrownGirlsLove Brunch Tour.BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC Christina

When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.

We may get to a certain point in a process where we feel like just throwing up our hands and scrapping the whole thing. I know I’ve been there! But that’s the time when we should really think about why we pursued this road in the first place. It may very well give us the push we need to keep on.

In life, things WILL happen. But when you get knocked down, don’t STAY down.

Whether it’s planning an event or planning your life, there will be hiccups and things that will throw you off. You may even get discouraged. But the longer you stay down, the less you’re able to progress and the less time you have to give to someone else who may need you. Don’t allow it to keep you from pushing on to accomplish that thing you want to achieve.

Start and end every chapter with love.

Whatever you do, do not end relationships on a bad note. Be it professionally or otherwise, you never wanna burn bridges. You never know if and when you may need someone in the future. Keep it all love and you won’t have to worry!

What’s interesting is these lessons came from specific things that happened to Christina as she wrapped up this BrownGirlsLove Brunch Tour. But what she gained from them can be used in just about anything you face in life!

By the end, great convos were had, stories swapped and my tummy was full! I had a great time. Hope there’s a 2017 tour!

BrownGirlsLove Brunch NYC Toia Christina

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*venue photo credit: thestantonsocial.com

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