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Looks We Love: The Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

October 16, 2013

I just wanted to pop in and give a little love to the ladies who are #teamtwa, #shorthairdontcare, or any other witty hashtag you can come up with. Whether you’ve just done your big chop (WELCOME!) or you’re a natural hair vet who simply loves the convenience of a cropped ‘do, we see you! ♥



Danielle aka Danni of DFinney Photography & Design




ChaCha N'Kole of Ace Blakley

ChaCha N’Kole of Ace Blakley

Danni... again ^_^

Danni… again ^_^


…am I the only one who wants to pinch her cheeks?!


Allana @ the Int’l African Arts Festival


TWA in art via AshThePainter

The TWA in art via AshThePainter

I hope this serves as a bit of inspiration to those who are contemplating the big chop as well as those of you who are still in this state aching for the day to be able to pull your hair up in a pony. Patience my darlings. Rock that mini fro with confidence!

You’re beautiful. 😉


Toia B.

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