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Looks We Love: Havana Twists (…etc)

August 4, 2013

This style has been around for quite a bit but boy has my Instagram feed been inundated by this protective style! Oh, oh… don’t get me wrong. I LOVE it (hence the title). I’m just sayin’, it has definitely become the go-to style for many especially during vacation season and in the spirit of just plain ole not-wanting-to-have-to-do-your-hair-ness. You GO girls… I’ll be joining you very soon!


The do was made popular by Finger Comber, a company which manufactures extremely natural-looking hair units and weaves as well as loose hair such as what’s used for Havana Twists. Many naturals have found a way to save a few bucks and use Marley hair to achieve a similar look. You’ll often see the terms “Havana Twists” and “Marley Twists” used interchangeably but technically, it all boils down to the type of hair that’s used. Either way, it’s about to be on and poppin’!! I have some leftover Marley hair from my last set of twists so as soon as this mane gets washed, I’m on it!

If you’re a DIY’er wondering just how to go about achieving the look, this tutorial by donedo05, who uses Marley hair, has been helpful to many. She incorporates the “invisible roots” method of installation which gives a more natural look. I also enjoyed this tutorial by Jouelzy.

Enjoy a few pics for inspiration…



Here I am rockin' some Marley Twists I installed last year. My goal is to make my next set a bit shorter and thicker.

Here I am rockin’ some Marley Twists I installed last year. My goal is to make my next set a bit shorter and thicker to closer resemble Havana Twists.

Check out this tutorial by African Creature. She also uses Marley hair but this is the closest I’ve seen someone come to actual Havana Twists without using Havana Twist hair.

So, will you try some Havana or Marley Twists this summer?

Until next time…




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