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Last Minute Mani: Magenta x Mint

August 8, 2013

I don’t always paint my nails. But when I do, I prefer Sinful Colors. (-_-) HA!! Okay, I know… that was kinda cheesy but I couldn’t resist.


SinfulColors: Mint Apple | Dream On | Queen of Beauty (glitter on accent nail)

I discovered Sinful Colors brand nail polishes last year after seeing them featured in a few PhillyDiva tutorials on YouTube. When I saw them at my local Rite Aid… *gasp*. I couldn’t believe all the vibrant colors they offered at such an affordable price! Without hesitation, I bought three. 😉 Well, yeah, it took me a good while to decide exactly which colors to buy because they’re all so AWESOME!!!

My nails have been growing pretty well these days which, I’m convinced, is due to the regular use of coconut oil. How I use it and its benefits will be left for another post but the point is, I thought it was time to finally jazz up these babies.

I used to do a lot of fancy detailed designs back in the day but I thought I’d keep it simple with a French tip effect. Using a complimentary color for the accent nail with the feature color for the tip worked out pretty well, huh?


Look out for a how-to post or video soon!

Talk to you tomorrow!


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