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The Hubster Shows Love for #BabyBarry Through Art!

January 7, 2015

I think, by now, the majority of you are aware that I, as they say, am “with child”… have a “bun in the oven”… I’m preggers! Teeheehee. A week ago, I announced that it’s a boy! What you may NOT know is that my husband is a rather skilled artist. While he is a “fanboy” and does mostly comic book-type art, he is no stranger to other styles and is constantly growing. This drawing is a great example!

Look how generous he was with my hair… HA!



How sweeeeeeet!

But wait… there’s MORE! He’s not done with this masterpiece. Hubster is more of a penciler but has been learning color techniques for some time now and, I must say, the drawing is coming along and already looks pretty dope! And yes, we will be framing this for #BabyBarry’s… Micah’s room. Well… area. Micah’s area. LOL!


Take a look at the man in action in the video below. I’m so proud of my boo!

Like what you see? View more of the hubster’s work here and make sure you follow him on Instagram! He’s also available for commissions so hit him up at agentyin(at)gmail(dot)com.


Toia B.

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