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How to Create a Mommy and Baby Care Package

August 29, 2016
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A mommy and baby care package is a great way to show a new mom that she was thought of in the midst of all the baby excitement! I loved our baby gifts but I really appreciated when friends thought of me too! Why not create a gift that’ll help mom’s first few weeks go a little smoother?! Here’s how I put a basket together for a mom-to-be in my life.

First, you’ll wanna get a nice basket plus some decorative tissue paper and cellophane. Then grab these goodies to fill it…

For Mom:

Mommy and Baby Care Package For Mom

Nursing Pads + Nipple Cream

Whether mommy is breastfeeding or not, mommy will need protection from leaks. Use up less space and save a tree with reusable pads. And in case things get rough as she gets used to nursing, lanolin cream will help soothe those dry nipples.

Sanitary Napkins

Mom will be needing these for any discharge she may have after giving birth. Be a doll and put some napkins in that basket!

Peri Bottle

After giving birth, wiping down there is the last thing mommy will wanna do and “going” may sting. A spray of water from a peri bottle will ease the stinging and also help her clean up after using the bathroom without touching the sensitive area.

Comfy Lounge Wear

She’ll still be sore so mom will appreciate some loose clothing to keep her relaxed and comfy during recovery. I kept the pink theme going with a soft material fuchsia top and added a pair of rayon blend capris.

Hot Beverage & Snacks

Dealing with a newborn is non-stop work. I always kept healthy, easy-to-grab snacks on hand to help keep my energy up through the day. A soothing cup of tea or hot cocoa always helped me wind down and take a moment to breathe.

For Baby:

Mommy and Baby Care Package for Baby


Explosions of epic proportions will happen and baby will go through a ton of onesies. A 3-pack or two will be appreciated.

Diapers + Wipes

Obviously. 😉 Sure, you won’t be able to fit too many of these in your basket but if you’re sending it by mail, you can always wrap the rest of the diapers in pretty paper and put them at the bottom of the box. For a baby shower, present the basket during gift time but discreetly give the remaining diapers to mom afterwards in a cute gift bag!


Mommy and Baby Care Package Playtex Nurser

Shortly after having my son, nursing became quite difficult and I needed to give it a rest so I could heal. Having been in that situation, I know how important it is to find bottles that are as close to breastfeeding as possible when you need them!

Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners are as as close to breastfeeding as you can get. The raised texture and wide shape of the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple help baby latch on naturally while the easy-to-use liner gently collapses like the breast does as the baby drinks. This prevents air from getting in the baby’s tummy which reduces colic- a useful feature you’ll want in a bottle for sure. All this makes it super easy to either transition baby to bottle-feeding later on or to switch from breast to bottle so dad can give mom a break and take over the feeding.

There’s no question that Target is the number one place to create your baby registry! It was for us! I mean, what can’t you find at Target?! It’s definitely your one-stop-shop for all things baby! I’m always in there picking up something so it was no problem for me to grab a set of Playtex Baby Nursers along with the other goodies for mom-to-be and baby.

DIY Mommy and Baby Care Package Target DIY Mommy and Baby Care Package Bottle Aisle

Put it All Together

Once you’ve got everything you need, figure out a cute way to organize and display the items. To fit as many items as possible, I lined the bottom of the basket with the sanitary napkins, snack bars and hot cocoa mix packets.

Mommy and Baby Care Package Tutorial

Place your tissue paper on top and neatly add each item one at a time, being sure each element peeks through.

Mommy and Baby Care Package Tutorial 2

Once you’re satisfied, cut a large enough piece of cellophane that you’ll have extra on top. Gather and tie with a ribbon or piece of twine. Tape any excess to the bottom of the basket. And VOILA! Your mommy and baby care package is all done!

Mommy and Baby Care Package Final

Learn more about how Playtex makes baby feeding easy here! If you’re ready to add the Playtex Baby Nurser or other Playtex baby bottles to your list of baby must-haves, be sure to use this Cartwheel offer by 9/3 for 10% off at your local Target!

DIY Mommy and Baby Care Package Pinterest

Do you have a mom-to-be in YOUR life? What items will you include in your mommy and baby care package?

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