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Headwraps: The Cure for a Bad (or Lazy) Hair Day?

March 6, 2013

Say WHAT now?! Yes indeed. Now, I have a few ways to turn a “my-hair-got-an-attitude-today” day into an ”oooh I look key-yoot” day but my all-time favorite has got be HEADWRAPS… here is where hair and fashion connect! This is one of the most stylish ways you can tuck away those tresses that, on some days, will not behave. While some of us have probably been rockin’ basic wrap styles for some time, we’ve seen a powerful resurgence of this trend in recent years from some heavy-hitting, super inspirational fashionistas- Can you say June Ambrose? How bout Solange? Four words… Them girls betta WERK!



A headwrap is nothing but a piece of fabric or scarf wrapped around the head and styled in a variety of ways. Besides being a fashionable quick fix to hide misbehaving hair (or hair that ya just don’t feel like doing a thing with!), headwraps can also be used as a protective style option, keeping the hair underneath twisted or braided.

How do I do it?  You can use just about any scarf large enough to fit your entire head with some “extra” to style as you wish. Pashmina-type scarves (Canal Street- 3 for $10 for you NYers!) will almost always provide you with a sufficient amount of surface area to play with. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 also have beautiful styles and colors to choose from. But, if the options offered by your favorite retailers don’t quite suit your taste or your pockets, head to your local fabric store. Pick the color/pattern and material you like at a fraction of the cost and you’ll most likely never have to worry about running into a gal with the same one! A good yard and a half to two yards should do nicely.


Danni of DFinney Photo & Design

“But how do you TIE IT?!?!” Ok, ok… there are a plethora of ways to don a wrap. Here, the beautiful and talented Danni of DFinney Photography & Design– a naturalista and fashionista in her own right- shows us three techniques she uses with a step-by-step tutorial:

***Learn more about Danielle here!***

Four Things to Remember:

1. Be sure to first put on a satin scarf or cap before using anything made of cotton so as to protect your hair from the drying effect the material will cause.

2. Practice makes perfect… or close enough! (-_-) Don’t stress if it doesn’t quite come out exactly like the chica in a picture or video you saw. Hey, in the process, you may even create a new style no one’s ever seen before… how’s that for original?!

3. Dress it up, dress it down. A headwrap can add flavor to your ensemble no matter what the occasion. It’s all in the material chosen and the technique used.

4. Here’s a silly one- don’t give yourself a headache! Ha! Be careful about tying your wrap SO tight that by midday you’re either reaching for Excedrin or ready to snatch that thing off altogether!

Take a peak at a few ways I’ve worn ‘em…





I’d love to see how YOU rock your wraps! Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram with pics of your headwrap looks.

Talk to you later, people! 😉




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