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Tutorial: Easy Head Wrap Style for Braids, Twists or Locs

March 11, 2017

Head Wrap Style for Braids Blog

In an effort to get back into my hair tutorial video-making, I thought I’d start off with something fairly simple. This head wrap style for braids, twists or locs is a total lifesaver!

Head Wrap for Braids Blue 1

I didn’t exactly broadcast it here but if you’ve been following on Instagram, you’ve already seen my annual install of Marley Twists way before my recent outfit post. It was a real spur-of-the-moment type thing but I needed hassle-free hair for our recent weekend getaway which would include a day at the water park. Was NOT tryna deal with a wash day while on vacation!

Well, after a few weeks, of course, the edges got fuzzy and soon, they were at the point where no amount of gel or edge control would save ’em. A retouch was definitely in order but… who has the time?! Thank goodness for the plethora or scarves and head wraps I own to quickly wrap around the edges until I could make ’em look suitable for public viewage.

Head Wrap for Braids Blue 1-1

Wrap: The Wrap Life (color no longer available)

SO here’s a little how-to on this simple head wrap technique should you find yourself in the same situation. Yes, I’m using a different wrap in this video from what I’m wearing in the photos, but I wanted to show the versatility of the style. Don’t think you have to use the EXACT same type of material above… you can do this with pretty much any head wrap fabric or material that’s long enough.

It’s SO easy, I’m sure this’ll be your go-to style when you wanna simply switch things up a bit or need to camouflage less-than-perfect hair. Takes less than 5 minutes!

Wanna know how to do the bun? I have a throwback tutorial here – don’t hate on my webcam and dope lighting! LOL! I promise the next time I install some Marley Twists (yep, I’ve already taken these down!), I’ll revisit the style and will do my best to record a better tutorial!

Wrap in video: H&M (old) | Here’s something similar

head wrap for braids pinterest

Hopefully this gave you one more quick style idea that you can rotate into your routine. You can even use this head wrap technique if you DON’t have any of the listed styles. If you’re wearing an old twist-out, rod set or even a free fro, this would definitely be a dope look. Just fluff and play around with the hair in the center to get it just right. Try it!

Check out these other head wrap techniques and let me know which one is your fave!


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