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Hair Tip Tuesday: Worry About Yourself! {When ‘Hair Crushing’ Goes Too Far}

August 12, 2014

I give you fair warning… my thoughts may be a bit all over the place in this article, but I’m gonna try to get this point across as best as possible.

Last week, we talked about the dangers of comparing your hair journey to that of others. A couple days after posting, a friend of mine shared an article with a related topic from a slightly different angle. I thought it would be a good followup. The topic? Naturals getting up in arms about the changes popular vloggers made to their hair.



As was mentioned last week, admiration is all good in the hood. I follow a number of vloggers myself and it’s nice to check in on ’em to see what they’re up to every so often. It becomes an issue when one begins to pay SO much attention to and get so wrapped up in someone ELSE’S hair life that they begin to lose sight of their own. It should never get to a point where you’re no more good if your hair crush does something drastic like a second (third, fourth, fifth) big chop or relaxes her hair. *eye twitch* LOL. Yeah, my eye twitched but you know what, it’s her hair, her business. Life will go on. While I’d love for every woman of color to be natural, I’ve gotta be realistic. Her hair will grow (or grow out, depending on the circumstances). Let them live and do you! Is how you wear your hair dependent upon how someone else wears theirs? I sure hope not!

When you started on this road to naturalhood, it was your decision to do so for your own good. Because YOU wanted to. It was a personal choice. The point is this:

If you begin this journey for YOU and on your own terms, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Becoming so heavily invested in the way someone else chooses to rock their hair is pointless and counterproductive, at best.

I understand that there are certain popular vloggers out there who have inspired us from their big chop onward. But there seems to be this weird line that’s crossed when changes to their hair affects us so much that we feel betrayed, discouraged or disheartened because of their decision. How’s YOU’RE journey going? Are you keeping up with that regimen? Yes? GREAT! Keep it up, girl! Don’t worry about what the next person is doing.

Please, lovelies, as part of an ongoing effort to love and learn your own hair, wish these ladies well and above all…

worry about yourself.


Toia B.

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