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Hair Tip Tuesday: Save Your Hair, Trim Those Ends

October 1, 2013

Hair Tip Tues 10-01-13

Hey ladies!

This is something I see all too often- women who are scared to get a much needed trim because they don’t want to lose length. STOP it! Holding on to nasty ends in an effort to keep length does not help you but actually does the complete opposite. When you don’t nip ’em in the bud early, split ends will only continue to split further up the hair shaft. Yup! If you delay in getting a proper trim when there is noticeable damage, you run the risk of even MORE damage. This means that when you do finally get that trim, you’ll then need to cut off more hair than you would have if you had done it sooner.

Now, how often one trims will differ from person to person. One who manipulates their hair often will need to trim more frequently than one who wears more protective styles that require little manipulation. I generally allow my hair to let me know when it’s time to trim. Two things I especially take note of are an excess amount of fairy knots and how much I need to fight to get my Tangle Teezer through my ends when detangling. Some trim every three months, some up to every six months. Listen to your hair.

Please, do what’s necessary to keep your mane healthy! While trimming will not make your hair grow, it will keep those ends looking their best and actually aid in length retention.

Are you keeping up with regular trims? How often do YOU do them?

Till next time!


Toia B.

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