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Hair Tip Tuesday: It’s All in the Pantry!

August 20, 2013

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We spend loads of money every few months (even weeks!) on products that promise to give us our best hair days ever. Don’t get me wrong, many of them work beautifully. But if you’re on a budget or realize you’ve run out of your favorite product, it’s reassuring to know that you can get the same if not better results from items in your own kitchen:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil– As a natural emollient, it’s great to use as a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment. Adding some scalp-stimulating essential oils like rosemary, peppermint or tea tree to your EVOO makes for a good scalp massage oil.


Honey– This natural humectant can be used as a rinse to restore body and shine to your hair when diluted with warm water. Try this simple recipe here! Mix with banana and olive oil and you’ve got yourself a great deep conditioning treatment.

Coconut Oil– This penetrating oil contains Vitamin E and helps rebuild protein in the hair to keep it strong. Coconut oil also gives hair a great shine. You can use this as part of your deep conditioning routine, as the final step in moisturizing or in your daily moisturizing spritz.


Avocado– As a natural moisturizer, avocados are rich in protein, Vitamins A, B, B6, C, E, K and the “good fats”, all of which make the hair strong, healthy, soft and shiny. It also acts as a natural sunscreen and is anti-fungal. I’ve used a mask consisting of avocado, banana and olive oil for an amazing deep conditioning experience. My hair said “thank you”. When those tresses are in need of serious repair, grab that avocado!

Bananas- This fruit is also useful for keeping hair moisturized. Got dry or itchy scalp? Bananas are good for that too!

Apple Cider Vinegar & Baking Soda – Both awesome hair and scalp clarifiers. These are my go-to items especially when I’m wearing extensions in the form of twists or braids to really get down deep into the crevices and get the dirt out. ACV and Baking Soda cleanse effectively without stripping the hair of its natural oils. See how I’ve used them here.

I’m sure there are other items you can think of as well (like maybe eggs, mayo, grapeseed oil, etc.) so go on and share!

How do YOU use what’s in your pantry as part of your hair care regimen?

See you tomorrow chicas!



*Disclaimer: All of the claims above are based on research compiled from various credible sources as well as my own experiences. I am not nor have ever claimed to be an expert. It is always advised that you do your own research before adopting a new hair care regimen.

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