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Hair Tip Tuesday: Listen to Your Hair

January 14, 2014

While there will be times when we’ll need the help of a pro to assess certain hair issues, most times, if we tune in to our tresses, we can usually find out some things before we make that visit to the salon.

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:-) Yes, our hair will always give us clues that there’s an issue if we really pay attention to it.

As for the example in the above graphic, some may actually think all that “snapping, crackling & popping” is normal for coily/kinky hair. Not the case. The likelihood is that you have numerous strands that are knotted together or even single strand knots which are causing your comb or brush to snag on the hair as you manipulate it. Time for that trim! OR, you may simply need to grab your spray bottle, leave-in, etc. and get to moisturizing that hair STAT, making it more manageable.

Is your hair shedding a lot more than usual? It’s possible that you’re experiencing a lot of stress or you may even be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. Are you experiencing breakage and/or dryness? You may need to lay off the heat (if you use it at all), up your water intake or implement more protective styles. For more on these fixers, take a look at this!

The point is, when your hair starts behaving differently (as in bad different) from what you’re used to, don’t ignore it! It’s whispering… “help meeee!” Find out what you need to do to rectify the problem and nurse your hair back to health.

As always, I hope this was helpful!

Talk to you later people. :-)


Toia B.

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