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Hair Tip Tuesday: Health Over Length

September 10, 2013

Consider this a continuation of yesterday’s postimageThis is probably one of the main tips I find myself stressing to newer naturals time and again. Being length-obsessed can be counterproductive. Even worse, comparing the length of your hair or growth rate with the likes of popular vloggers Naptural85, NikkiMae (Natural Chica), Taren Guy or really anyone for that matter can be frustrating and frankly, discouraging. Everyone’s hair is different. Plus, what we see in YouTube videos is the result of years of growth and I’m sure, trial and error. Have you ever gone back to their early stuff? *cue Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”*

Dont-compare-your-beginning-to-someone-elses-middleEven if you may be at the same point in your hair journey as your “hair crush”, there are so many factors involved (diet, exercise, regimen, genetics…) as to why their growth may seem to be on >>fast forward>> while yours is seemingly on «pause». I’ve been there and I had to quickly pull myself out of this whole comparison thing. It’s debilitating, to say the least!

Do yourself a favor: take some time to learn and fall in love with YOUR hair. When you love something (or someone), you care for it (or them). Same goes for hair. If you love it, you’ll be more motivated to do what’s necessary to keep it healthy resulting in a gorgeous, healthy head of hair no matter the length.

Have you ever found yourself being overly concerned with achieving a certain length? Do you find yourself comparing your growth with that of others? 

Looking forward to your responses!



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